Smart Medical Device is the foremost solution of its kind which tracks 6 diversified crucial health care systems into one. This changes the perspective of the individuals toward Health by using health care tools and taking preventive measures on sickness prediction. Through Smart Medical Device, an Individual can also send the Detailed report analysis to the Doctors, Family members or loved ones too.

Use Case 1: Blood Pressure measurement

  • Methodical monitoring is necessary to detect blood pressure before it affects Individual internal organs, blocks arteries or causes a stroke.
  • Smart Medical Device tracks your BP so that you can take pre-emptive steps to keep this deadly condition permanently at bay.

Use Case 2: Body Temperature measurement

  • Smart Medical Device body temperature monitoring attribute tracks changes in the body temperature whether Hot or Cold which alerts whether a particular treatment is working or not.

Use Case 3: ECG Tracking analysis

  • ECG measures the electrical activity of your heart at rest which is the prime activity a Doctor performs to diagnose heart ailments.
  • Smart Medical Device helps you measure your ECG from the comfort of your own home.

Use Case 4: Heart Rate Analysis

  • Smart Medical Device measures your heart rate over sustained periods which assists to detect the cause of palpitations, chest pain, excessive fatigue, dizziness, and other underlying cardio-complaints.

Use Case 5: Blood Oxygen measurement

  • Smart Medical Device assists to prevent lung disorders by measuring 02 levels in the blood.
  • Its non-invasive monitoring indicates if there is enough oxygen in the body for optimal performance of internal organs.

Use Case 6: Blood Glucose measurement

  • Smart Medical Device monitors your blood glucose levels and assists in effective diabetes management.
  • Regular testing lets you respond quickly and allows you to make relevant dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Core Functions

Measure Heart-related Vitals

  • One can measure critical parameters like ECG, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.

Measure Blood Glucose on your fingertips

  • Measure blood glucose at any time of the day.

Measure Oxygen saturation and Body Temperature

  • Measure Oxygen saturation in the blood and Body temperature to keep track of Upper Respiratory track Infection.
  • Get advance intimation on infectious diseases.

Secure Data and communication

  • The data transmission between Device and Mobile and between Mobile and cloud is very secure.
  • The possibility of any data leakage is negligible.

Smartphone App

  • A user-friendly app that is so intuitive that even non-Healthcare individual can use it with little or no training .
  • Users can also send the Detailed report analysis to the Doctors, Family members or loved ones too.

Predictive Engine

  • Our big data analytical Engine is simple yet so powerful that it can crawl through heaps of data and recognize the pattern to provide the right prediction.

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