Blockchain Technology in a business network

Protect your business from unexpected disasters
with comprehensive backup strategies.


We provide distributed ledger solutions through Hyperledger fabric. For enterprise blockchain development, Hyperledger has multiple industry-wide applications that can be modified, scaled, deployed and tested according to your business requirement. From exchanging items with monetary value, Chaincode and ledger features, Hyperledger Fabric increases network performance and improves business processes.

High performance permissioned Blockchain through Hyperledger Fabric
  • Permissioned membership for participants with a known identity.
  • A flexible framework for building applications.
  • Querying capabilities and high transaction speed.
Transparent Supply Chains, secure Trading and Asset transfer and much more
  • Multiple applications on a single platform.
  • Scalable blockchain network for growing needs.
  • Secure and tamper-proof framework.


Create and integrate Ethereum Blockchain applications with LTS Ethereum development services. With full stack and cross platform services, like Token development, Ethereum enables data and application deployment over multiple systems and servers keeping information safe and distributed at all times. Corruption proof and immutable, decentralized Ethereum applications can never go offline.

Protect sensitive data and keys digitally through BlockChain technology in the most effective way. With enhanced security and permissioned membership, BlockChain allows high performance scalable cryptography options that your business needs.

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