Prevent,attacks by Cyber Benchmark

Protecting our company's assets is key; A more holistic approach towards cybersecurity must be followed, practicing and using methods or tools that can be measured. Understanding the performance and quality of the measures used to achieve a secure environment can be tricky and needs optimization from time to time.

  • Keep track of competitors' and peers' cybersecurity standards and prioritize on areas of concern by performing Gap Analysis.
  • Enable continuous improvement by assessing existing security measures taken to safeguard business assets.
  • Improve network security by implementing optimal cyber security actions to remediate existing problems.

Creating cybersecurity standards and safeguarding assets and company data is of prime importance; especially now when all security measures can be counteracted and threatened. Keeping in mind the higher and costlier risks every day due to digital transformation, significant benchmarking is necessary to keep businesses safe.

Thousands of companies fall prey to cyber-attacks every year. With Cybersecurity Benchmarking, standardize security performance, identify gaps and improve existing issues to ensure network security.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Implement solutions that detect, control, monitor and maintain a secured network by selectively directing users to valuable assets and data of the company.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Implement real-time alerts, continuous monitoring, automated compliance reporting, forensic risk analyses, security and event log and tracking unauthorized changes within the company network.

Remote Access Control

Monitor, control and maintain devices conveniently through remote access, troubleshoot, define quicker access to selective data to support company growth by maintaining tightened network security.

Perimeter Security

Implement perimeter-based security for your network as an added measure to enhance cybersecurity and defend security-related threats to assets and data at the first line of defense.

Malware protection

Prevent harm to businesses by sophisticated malware attacks by continuous vigilance and malware protection tools to safeguard sensitive company and customer data.

Remediation Analysis

Implement countermeasures to reduce and fix attacks related vulnerabilities by different Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) depending on severity, circumstances and availability of resources.

Why Choose Us?

With LTS Cybersecurity benchmarking services, reduce the likelihood of damage to assets and data breaches. We identify network loopholes by constantly evaluating performance, identifying flaws and weaknesses in the IT structure, remediating and tracking performance to create a safe business environment.

  • Analytical Insights by experienced professionals
  • Immediate evaluation and mitigation
  • Quarterly and annual testing

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