Sports and Fitness App Development Company

With agile development and robust services, transform the Sports and fitness industry with optimal brand management, building social groups, creating engagement tools and arenas for ex-athletes with events and fitness scenes strengthening the community.

  • Communicate with the audience to empower and ensure industry wide achievements through unique solutions.
  • Heighten credibility and sales by researching and implementing talents and skills for alternative purposes.
  • Manage and market the sports and fitness ecosystem with utmost ease with apt technologies.

Help enable sports and fitness through healthy lifestyles, core and recreational sports by serving an array of clients and enhancing personal experiences with new skills and customised fitness modules.

Fitter, better and healthier futures with challenges, motivational and fitness events, marathons and many other programs targetting the fitness-freaks.

Website Development

Create fun, smart and engaging websites for Sports and fitness companies featuring customizable schedules and fitness programs with varying timings, sessions and subscriptions and multiple payment options.

Mobile App Development

Host multiple features like live streaming or sports, sports schedules, weekly and monthly challenges, fitness sessions with athletes and coaches, events and marathons location-wise and many more.

IoT Enabled Platform

Keep track of major fitness and sports brands, invest and follow change with technical analysis and configured alerts, watchlists and charts.

Social Group Network

Create Alumni, Fraternity and social groups for former athletes providing recreational alternatives and different career choices in a non-athletic lifestyle.

Education and Training Platform

Train ex-athletes to work in different industries or for different work profiles as alternative career options, design modules of training, and utilize expert knowledge of different sports in multiple ways.

Sport Indexing and Business Intelligence

Integrate payment gateways in mobile and web applications with multiple functions to enable payments for different fitness services and health programs offered.

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Why choose us?

Encouraging participation and increasing sales through different exercising styles, pre-tested modules and engaging content, LTS helps Sports and Fitness companies gain greater coverage in the market making sports not just a leisurely activity.

  • Customized services and products.
  • Client-centric approach.
  • Attractive and budget-friendly solutions.
For Consultation, Strategising and Development.

Experience numerous ways we could elevate business growth, reduce competition and strengthen network security.