Enabling Industry standards and digital transformation hand-in-hand

With growing businesses, comes greater responsibility. Industries differ, companies differ and so do requirements; but the need to evolve and continuously expand businesses remains constant.

ISV and Startups

Enabling entrepreneurs by converting innovative ideas into tangible results. New businesses shape their journey to the market with digital thinking and expert consultation.

Retail and E-Commerce

Ecommerce software, Supply Chain Management, creating mobile applications and a full-fledged range of software and services to enhance the retail sector businesses.


Automating processes, creating unique software, making companies guidelines compliant and many more services to enhance operations and increase efficacy in the healthcare industry.

Sports and Fitness

Customized software and services to facilitate sports & fitness sector; applications to track activities and health records, creating interactive features-embedded software with abilities to provide more accuracy.

Social Media & Ads

Enabling businesses with social media coverage to widen the customer pool; rewarding customers with appealing marketing strategies to gain customer loyalty and in turn create a bigger business network.

Non Profit Organizations

With an expert level of technical knowledge, achieve organizational goals by implementing customized IT services to increase funding, work efficiency and better accountability of resources.


Incorporate optimized solutions for business processes, with targeted and audience centric approaches, transform businesses to achieve new heights in the highly competitive entertainment industry.


Technological solutions and beyond, designing and implementing ERP and CRM software for companies to smoothen, uncomplicate and make vital business processes more efficient and productive.

Real Estate

With customized solutions using mobile technology, cloud computing, comprehensive software like CRM, ERP, Supply chain management and more, experience highly streamlined and efficient processes.

Travel and Tourism

Enabling the Travel and Tourism industry with a combination of advanced technology, proven processes and years of domain expertise to bring about growth, innovation and customer satisfaction.


We enable educational organizations to construct futuristic learning enterprises by providing solutions like enterprise mobility, disaster recovery, security and digital content management.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

We will help up to attain the right balance for success, companies need to have efficient and cost- effective business models, along with innovation across the enterprise.


Transforming industries with tailored, domain-specific IT services.

Businesses differ in several aspects; each has unique ways of serving their clients, performing business processes and reaching out to their audience. LTS enables businesses providing comprehensive, failproof IT services helping you become industry leaders and deliver constant satisfaction and solutions to your clients.

  • Reducing downtime by continuous maintaining and monitoring network and applications.
  • Minimizing complexity by automating and streamlining business processes.
  • Strategizing planning and building systems as per your business' requirement.
  • Multi-layer systematic data backup data security and data recovery services.
  • Robust processes with improved efficiency and tangible results.
  • Focus on core business by implementing new technologies in infrastructure.
Serving industries with buildable and scalable IT services, we lend our expertise and passion to create end-to-end, customized, cost-efficient solutions from showcasing your business to generating higher ROI to implementing business tactics to help your business expand.
Our Team

We are a team of skilled professionals, implementing expertise from different domains, worked over different projects with experience gained for more than 15 years.

Our Support

Our solutions range from predefined packages and products to custom-made services that we modify based on dynamic requirements and customer feedback.

Our Ways

We cover your business in all aspects; Product and Solution engineering, Mobility services and Business Intelligence solutions, Cybersecurity and maintenance.

Create, transform and expand businesses based on industry standards, with powerful intelligent solutions.