The Complete Guide to Data Science and Analytics for Businesses

Transform Data Sets into Data Assets with the LTS

As organizations undergo digital transformation, the amount of data available increases exponentially. Data Interpretation is the process of understanding a processed set of data. Data science goes beyond standard analytics and business intelligence to combine mathematics and analytics to address more complex data problems and datasets.

  • The amount of structured and unstructured data can grow exponentially as organizations integrate more digital platforms and collect information from diverse sources.
  • Transforming this data into meaningful insights can be challenging and that's where we come in.
  • LTS provides practical data solutions to complex problems.
  • From spreadsheets to machine learning we are the pros at making more intelligent decisions.
  • Our team can integrate and support you wherever you are in the data science lifecycle.
  • Provides data science consulting support and services to companies worldwide.

The most crucial part is that we understand your company's problems, goals, and data. Our data science consulting team will work with your team to delve into your business so that we can provide you with the most valuable insights, recommendations, and proposed solutions that will bring value and growth to your business.

Data and Analytics Solutions Analytics Consulting

LTS offers professional analytics consulting services that help transform data into insightful information, ensure operational excellence and provide a competitive advantage. Our strategic Data and Analytics consultants have deep expertise across the entire data stack, helping you solve your business challenges in weeks.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our business intelligence (BI) solution suite is designed to help organizations reduce risk and develop effective strategies that enable growth. Our business intelligence service experts can help you understand the most important key figures for your operations and processes.

Data Warehouse

Whether your data warehouse is on-premises or in the cloud, our experts can help you move your data where you need it. We analyze your business needs to curate a custom data warehouse with robust BI frameworks, data models, data integration architectures, and intelligent databases for faster decision-making and competitive advantage.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization consultants and experts understand your business needs, KPIs, and business drivers and develop intuitive, interactive dashboards to help you understand your data in new ways. Our data visualization service transforms complex data sets into compelling visual representations to help you identify trends and effectively compare product performance.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our supply chain analytics services help you optimize your supply chain to increase revenue and reduce costs. Our experienced professionals have access to a full range of supply chain data analytics tools and deploy custom-engineered solutions to solve supply chain challenges unique to your business.

IT Analytics is a method of data collection, analysis, and reporting used in IT operations, management, and strategy to discover complex patterns in IT system availability and large amounts of data to improve performance, Gain real-time business insights.

Data Science and Analytics

Power Your Business with Our Data Science and Analytics Solutions

  • Analytics Consulting
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Visualization
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Why Choose Us –

LTS is one of the data science consulting firms that provides AI-powered software and technology solutions to companies that want to use data and machine learning algorithms to improve their bottom line. Our data science services and solutions help companies conduct data experiments to generate business insights. LTS provides data science solutions and services based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to meet our customers' most specific analytics needs.

Big Data and And Analytics

Data Science Adds Value

Data Science Consulting

Realize the potential of your data. Work with our expert team of data consultants to design and validate strategies that take data problems and turn them into actionable results.

Predictive Analytics

Are you ready for the future? Past and present data provide the most accurate picture of future performance.

Data Visualization

Dashboards make it easy to spot insights and patterns. This solution is built with metrics and design so you can start tracking and optimizing these all-important KPIs.

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Other IT Services & Solutions


Creating unique, stunning and easy-to-navigate websites and mobile apps for your businesses at affordable costs.

Product Engineering

Got an idea? You're halfway there. Get our experts' help in prototyping, designing and testing.

Solutions Engineering

Providing solutions engineered to cover your business needs and re-engineered as per your customers' feedback.

Cyber Security

Proactive security solutions from LTS expert team, protecting your data, protecting your business.


Thinking of incorporating smart AI-based applications for your business? Try our IoT services.

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