Implement LTS Intelligence-driven SOC as a service managed solution

Accomplishing security objectives for your company by delivering a powerful unbreachable line of defense in and around your network, LTS SOC as a Service managed solution tool abides by ‘continuous response’ rather than ‘incident response’

  • Implement security solutions with state of the art capabilities based on industry and company parameters.
  • Find anomalies in business infrastructure and retrace misuse or unauthorized activity to prevent further damage to the system.
  • Maintain maximum control over security operations with routine maintenance and monitoring and endpoint detection.

LTS intelligence-driven Security Operation Center correlates device events, identity, access and context to predict advance risks and threats across multiple IT layers. With an inbuilt capability of Security Analytics, LTS SOC as a Service tool collects events from all integrated security solutions to conduct analytics on user behaviors, activities, security events, threats and Identities.

Building an in-house SOC team can mean a substantial amount of investment, employing skilled experts and dividing focus from core business to name a few. Maximize threat detection and response through LTS customized SOC as a service; cost-efficient, reliable and time-saving option.

Securing Big Data

With Log Management, Problem Analytics and many more, solve organization-specific data-intensive problems by collecting and analyzing diverse data types at high volumes.


With comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, monitor all logs from devices on the entire network like servers, firewalls, routers, switches raising continuous alerts for threats.


Manage Identity and access within enterprises based on roles, authorization and correlation rules with services like Single Sign-On, Provisioning/De-Provisioning and more.


With Application Access Governance, User Activity Monitoring and other tools analyse user behaviour based on continuous activity raising anomalous alerts to protect data real-time.


Privileged Account Management ensures a controlled and compliant environment with services like Enterprise Password Management and Session Recording for Privilege Accounts.

Security Analytics

With services like Advanced Threat Analytics and User and Entity Behaviour Analytics, implement advanced analytics around user behavior and other entities like endpoints, networks and applications.

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