Social Media and Advertising for Business

Enhancing Social networking, photo sharing, microblogging, content marketing and more through smart technology and IT expertise depending on the specific requirements of your business, enabling higher traction and optimal customer satisfaction.

  • Transform old systems and business approaches to experience maximum ROI and reduce time-to-market.
  • Gain more sales and high operational efficiency by incorporating innovative solutions to specific domain problems.
  • Optimize operations and workflows by concentrating on infrastructure and resources and minimize downtime.

Focus on your core business while our experts at LTS handle your IT and network security with comprehensive solutions, increasing efficiency, reducing risks, lowering IT costs and elevating operational efficiency within your business infrastructure.

We keep your systems up to date and install the latest antimalware programs to prevent data breaches.

Web and Mobile Applications

Bespoke web and mobile applications for your business providing continuous communication with viewers and customers and strengthening and digitizing business approach.

Cyber Security

With an increasing amount of data including sensitive customer data and company assets, secure your business network by implementing cyber security solutions over multiple layers of IT.

BI and Analytics

Record and collect insightful data about customer behavior and viewers patterns through survey portals, social networking and more to support better business decisions in future.

Discount Codes

Generate and validate unique discount codes to attract new customers and engage existing customers through loyalty programs and more.

Content Management

Create custom content and schedule how, when and who to share it with and generate and store replies as part of queries, customer service and marketing.

Instant Messaging

Create scripts and conversation flows for customer service and promotional marketing considering all possible scenarios to provide maximum problem-solving capacity.

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Why choose us?

LTS helps clients deliver distinguished customer experiences by providing solutions enabling transformations. We leverage strong alliance with leading enterprise platform vendors and software vendors to develop best-of-class solutions for Social Media and Advertising industry.

  • Thorough Market research.
  • Cost Efficient IT services.
  • Scalable and Flexible solutions.
For Consultation, Strategising and Development.

Experience numerous ways we could elevate business growth, reduce competition and strengthen network security.