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Standardize and implement breach-proof company security with VAPT services.

Test the susceptibility of your company network and assets with varied strengths. With Vulnerability Assessment, identify flaws in codes and the exact location of these. Exploit the existing vulnerabilities through Penetration Testing to analyze whether malicious attacks or unauthorized access it possible in the company network.

  • Detect risks and vulnerabilities in network infrastructure with vulnerability assessment and prevent significant breaches.
  • Ensure that existing infrastructure does not have gaps or loopholes that can facilitate cyber attacks.
  • Quantify; Measure the risk to sensitize company and customer data and internal system structure. Maintain compliance with applicable regulatory authorities to prevent future attacks.

With different functionality and approach, both Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are extremely important for safeguarding company assets. Based on the severity and critical processes, company network and infrastructure can further be controlled by strengthening security.

How secure is secure enough? Strong Passwords, Stronger Firewalls, Strongest Network Security. With Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing embark unbreachable company growth.


Plan the scope of the assessment, decide systems and codes to be analyzed and gather data about compromised targets.

Define Scope

Depending on the clearly defined scope of VAPT, Black Box Testing, Grey Box Testing or White Box Testing can be implemented.


Studying the company's IT environment, details about networks, IP address, a prerequisite for all three scopes.

Detect Vulnerabilities

Identify potential threats to codes and data by special tools targetting on risk areas in the company infrastructure.

Plan Pen test

With the reported vulnerabilities, plan the dynamics of a penetration test using various tools to understand how severe the gaps in the network are.

Penetration test

Depending on how large the company is and how sensitive and complex the data is, execute penetration testing through tools or manually to detect how breakable the vulnerabilities are.

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