LTS Accelerator Program

for Startup Accelerator

Grow your start up exponentially with our LTS accelerator program. LTS Accelerator Program inspires and engages entrepreneurs across all industries, geographies, and backgrounds with the time and experience of industry experts. Based on the BOMT model, LTS Accelerator program facilitates a tailored-made full life cycle of project development with tools to establish strong value propositions translating an idea into robust software.

LTS supports the full
lifecycle of software
sales & technical

Translating an idea into robust software and
efficient sales channels is hard.
That’s where LTS Accelerator comes in.


Most startup accelerators are expensive.

We all love ping-pong and snacks! But you expect more out of your business partners, especially after trading company equity to access an accelerator’s resources. Other accelerators:

Do not offer cost effective R&D

Do not help you build global revenues

Are nothing more than expensive offices

Introducing LTS Accelerator

11 years of experience in serving start ups with maximum ROI.

We maximize efficiency by relentlessly focusing on an effective budget and short turn-around times.

Cost-effective software development
Efficient sales channel creation
Deep investor network for fundraising

Our mentors.

Our mentors have significant collective experience,
spanning across a variety of industries and stages.
Dylan Schweitzer


satyen Jain
Satyen Jain

Co Founder

RinTchen Kang

Executive Sales Director

Ryan Lazarus

Windo Global Partners

James Watson
James Watson

Outsourced VP of Sales | Sales Catapult

Chris George
Chris George

Director of Partnerships


LTS boasts a team of 140 developers globally that are here to help build your product from POC to version 1.0


We provide on-demand DevOps , QA and 24/7 support across 12 countries


Our customer relationship experts have experience building sales channels with more than 120 partners in our global network


Our professional service consultants help polish your business plan, financial model, and investor presentations

To ideate and build a start-up and a successful market launch all by yourself is a dream and undeniably not a one person job. Our team of experts is ready to hit the ground running to help you achieve your vision with our four piece B-O-M-T product engineering model. Our team of experts is ready to hit the ground running to help you achieve your vision with our four-piece product engineering model:

Case Study

Emerging trends: Drone Deliveries, automation, and more

Drone deliveries have been on the rise in the recent past. With giants like Amazon stepping into automation and drone deliveries with all their might, these new technologies are here to heavily impact the logistics industry for good.

If you believe you are building the next big thing, let’s make it happen!