Healthcare App Development

Incessant evolution of the healthcare industry owing to technological advancements, patient centricity and regulatory reforms has led to smoother, quicker and safer processes. With the dynamic change in the industry, an environment with more scope of patient safety can be achieved with advanced, regulatory compliant automated software and processes.

  • Increase the top line revenue of clients with strategic modernized programs and renewal of legacy systems.
  • Simplify complex business processes with new unique solutions fast-tracking the impact and shortening time to market.
  • Incorporate advanced technology to provide maximum preventive care and increase customer satisfaction.

Curtail inaccuracies and redundant medical expenses by implementing data analytics, testified medication and paperless communication in healthcare processes. Improving healthcare delivery, create efficient and quicker mediums providing stress free patient care experience.

Adopt new technologies, efficient automated processes, enhanced network security and sophisticated workflows and information management tools to provide maximum patient satisfaction and focus on primarily on patients.

Web and Mobile applications

Showcase healthcare services through websites and mobile applications, communicating and reaching out to thousands of viewers increasing sales and consumer service online.

Portal and Information Management

Simplify healthcare processes with Hospital Web Portals, Patient-Doctor Easy interface, Information Management and Custom Health Portals to reduce workload and provide quality services to patients.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Capture and evaluate Real Time Performance Analysis, Hospital Information Dashboards and prevent loss of valuable information through Patient's Records Management to deliver high-efficiency results.

IT Support and Security

Reduce Infrastructure costs and increase productivity by the transition to Cloud and virtualization services and ensure network security with real time analysis by Security Information and Event Management.

Business Process Transformation

Maintain systematic and timely data records with Medical Reports Management and Patient record management and experience high quality, safe and efficient data handling with EMR Management.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhere to the region or body-specific regulatory guidelines such as GDPR, HIPAA and ID, and implement safe and efficient healthcare processes to enhance patient and staff welfare and care.

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Dental Practise Management

Dental Practise has many activities and all smooth functioning of all procedures requires modules that provide solutions for business management, clinical efficiency, patient engagement, billing, collections, integrated products and staff training.

Inventory Management

By implementing LTS Inventory Management and Asset Tracking program, pharmaceutical companies effectively and efficiently manage inventory costs, conserve working capital and time, and improve their purchasing accuracy.

Pharma SFA

LTS Pharma SFA is a Cloud based and on the Mobile Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation solution that increases sales force effectiveness by over 50% and minimizes expenses by over 80% transforming into higher sales revenue. It’s an ideal Cloud based framework that reduces your infrastructure cost and streamlines business functions.Its USP being it can collaborate with your CRM and Business Intelligence Reports.

  • Multiple web tenants enable multiple instances of your application to serve thousands of your vendors.
  • Single web tenant to serve thousands of your customers.
  • Multi-tenant data model designs added which become smart configurations with SaaS-Tenant.
  • Provide option from a single coupled database and specific database schema per web-tenant or an Isolated database per web-tenant.
  • Provide Multi-tenant modules for customers on demand.

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Precise solutions for healthcare industry problems guaranteeing smoother efficient processes with LTS IT services. With a patient-centric approach, we provide a wide range of customized solutions enhancing patient engagement and help you focus on other stakeholders.

  • End-to-end customized solutions.
  • Advisory and compliance and security services.
  • Solutions and support from domain experts.
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