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When we finally thought Cloud was the future, we stumbled upon a whole new concept of the Internet of Things(IoT). In the ever-growing field of Information technology, certain technologies and concepts are becoming obsolete and a wide array of new opportunities arise. We, at LTS, build, modify and implement the best products for you and your business. Your idea meets our skills, from ideation of a product to the end of the development life cycle and re-engineering based on feedback, LTS provides practical and best-in-market product engineering services.

Innovation & Ideation

Understanding what the market lacks and defining it, our heuristic approach at innovation helps your business ideate, build and grow.

Software Development

Once the idea is defined, we design and frame your product to create a functional model best suited for your customers' needs.


Software-as-a-Service is changing the way businesses work, we provide efficient, time saving and cost-efficient solutions with SaaS.


Streamlining IT by continuous development and deployment of applications; we help transform your business process.

Designing and creating a product based on various parameters like cost, quality, performance, serviceability and reliability unique to your company needs, that is engaging and appealing at the same time is what we achieve for you!

product engineering

Benefitting your business with Product Engineering

LTS helps improve the quality, serviceability, and reliability of your product giving it that extra edge to compete and to excel. Talk about disruptive technology, we engineer exactly what your business needs.


Crisp, convenient and easy-to-use product that suffices all customer needs.


Skillfully attain all product goals by building experience for your customers.


Trust us with your business, we provide best-in-market solutions.

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Other IT Services & Solutions


Creating unique, stunning and easy-to-navigate websites and mobile apps for your businesses at affordable costs.

Solutions Engineering

Providing solutions engineered to cover your business needs and re-engineered as per your customers' feedback.

Mobility Services

Got a business, need an app! Design and create stellar apps for convenient and trouble free access.

Cyber Security

Proactive security solutions from LTS expert team, protecting your data, protecting your business.


Thinking of incorporating smart AI-based applications for your business? Try our IoT services.

Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance is much more than just software testing. With reduced testing costs, reduced test automation efforts and reduced regression testing time, we provide expert Quality Assurance services. From testing Services, Advisory services to best practice implementation, we provide end-to-end Quality Assurance solutions ensuring smooth functionalities.

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