IOT Technology

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Making the world smaller, smarter and better, Internet of things(IoT) is here to stay. Smartphone to Smartwatch to Smart appliances in your home, Smart agricultural equipment to Smart wind turbines to Disney's Smart Magicband- we have seen IoT change the face of living as well as businesses. Not only does it make your idea more appealing and easily accessible, but it also promotes a symbiotic relationship between businesses and consumers. IoT makes processes simpler and fun and also helps companies improve services based on customer feedback for maximum satisfaction and fun experience.


Devices hosting single or multiple sensors that monitor temperature, proximity, infrared and many more, that pick up extremely sensitive changes, collect data and use it for later processing.

Data Acquisition Systems

Gather analogue data from sensors or actuators and convert it into digital stream for further processing. Route the digitized data through internet gateways for processing based on geo-location.

User Interface

Creating the processed data acquired through various steps into tangible results through smart devices and machines encouraged by interactive design and minimum user effort.

Cloud Analytics

Efficiently manage data through tools that collect, process, manage and store real-time data. This data can later be converted to useful insights and remotely accessed for various processes.

Collecting and exchanging data for a variety of purposes, companies can benefit from IoT by creating opportunities and converting them to smart solutions. Not only a competitive edge but providing innovative smart solutions for processes unthinkable and unachievable with a voice command or a click of a hand, businesses can now flourish by designing, utilizing and providing minimalistic and miniaturized IoT solutions to consumers.

IOT Technology

Creating the best IoT applications

Creating new IoT products or simply enhancing existing business processes on an IoT platform, we help you provide flexible and simpler solutions to customers, thereby generating maximum revenue, valuing your business goals and caring for customer expectations.


Upgrade to innovative, life-changing simplest of simple solutions.


Design, Test and improve to provide reliable and affordable answers.


Solve basic and targetted customer problems with smart IoT services.

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Product Engineering

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Solutions Engineering

Providing solutions engineered to cover your business needs and re-engineered as per your customers' feedback.

Mobility Services

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Cyber Security

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Create your very own IoT application to enhance customer experience while enhancing your business with LTS skilled Iot development team.