Transform Data into Intelligence Through Innovative IoT services from LTS

LTS implements flexible IoT services designed to work in any environment. IoT Security is keeping an organization's system safe and secure.

Our IoT services are robust, cost-effective, and extremely easy to integrate. Businesses large and small are using enterprise and consumer IoT to increase productivity, gain real-time insights from connected assets, reduce costs, and drive innovation through new business models. Custom software development is best suited for enterprise and web apps.

Maximize Productivity and Improve workflows with LTS IoT Services.

The LTS provides end-to-end Internet of Things services. This enables sustainable competitive advantage by addressing the challenges of integrating wearables, sensors, networks, clouds, and applications without compromising security. We use industry-specific knowledge and expertise in IoT Technology, firmware development, mobility, cloud computing, and data analytics. Empower your business to transform by making informed decisions based on robust data analytics.

Our IoT Products

Live Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Gain additional information to effectively solve problems by accessing live data of your business processes and assets.

Decision Support and Data Analytics

Real-time monitoring and collection of sensor data for batch prediction and interactive analysis purposes.

Edge Computing

Distributed computing is the acceleration of end devices connected from node to node in a network.

Pluggable Cloud Services

Manage costs and capabilities by properly provisioning and integrating multiple cloud services simultaneously.

Third-Party Integration

A platform for using third-party solutions or connecting to LTS IoT Services to power company apps and web services


See how our IoT gateways are helping businesses of all types meet their edge computing challenges.

Leverage our in-house expertise to provide the best solutions and guide you through your IoT business journey. From consulting to design to manufacturing to insight, LTS is your single partner for consulting, development, and deployment stages of the IoT ecosystem.

IOT Technology

Our IoT Offerings –

  • Develop your own open-source and custom IoT platform
  • Have hands-on experience developing IoT applications on the HPE IoT platform
  • Have authority to develop IIoT applications using GE Predix

IoT Development

Make IoT product development straightforward. Our end-to-end IoT product development includes hardware and software, rapid design, development, and deployment for the next generation of Internet of Things enterprise applications and business processes.

Proof of Concept

Starting a new IoT project can be difficult. Our modular, enterprise-scale IoT kit helps you overcome common pitfalls and create solid proofs of concept with detailed project plans.


Provide functional prototypes and deliver them ready for alpha testing. You can further customize it according to your business needs.


Manufacturing is a hardware multiplication task in which the entire process is launched very finely, starting with hardware design, verification, soldering, testing, quality plan, and IP protection.

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Other IT Services & Solutions


Creating unique, stunning and easy-to-navigate websites and mobile apps for your businesses at affordable costs.

Product Engineering

Got an idea? You're halfway there. Get our experts' help in prototyping, designing and testing.

Solutions Engineering

Providing solutions engineered to cover your business needs and re-engineered as per your customers' feedback.

Mobility Services

Got a business, need an app! Design and create stellar apps for convenient and trouble free access.

Cyber Security

Proactive security solutions from LTS expert team, protecting your data, protecting your business.

Free Consultation

Create your very own IoT application to enhance customer experience while enhancing your business with LTS skilled Iot development team.