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Technologically enriched, the IT industry is transforming the face of all businesses making them more powerful, robust, convenient and quicker than traditional methods and legacy models. With technologies enhancing all aspects of businesses, we provide expert solutions front end, back end, various frameworks, platforms and databases, mobile application platforms and blockchain solutions.


With products like Office 365, work anywhere with internet connectivity, collaborate efficiently with team members, in a cost-effective way with advanced security features and many other features.


Cloud services like AWS, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and many others provide better application deployment options and reduce capital expenses, encouraging faster innovation, higher agility and scalability.

Open Source

Modify and utilize Openstack, Progressive Web Apps and other applications through the Cloud or on-premises to fulfil domain-specific requirements, higher control, security and stability.


Store, organize, process and retrieve valuable data with ease through database platforms that offer consistency, reduce updation errors and provide improved data access and security.


A long way from Bitcoin, Blockchain now enables data recording, distribution, development and security. Retrieve data whenever required with centralized as well as decentralized ownerships.

Analytics & BI

Extract valuable insights from generated data to enhance business growth and reduce noise to make intelligent business decisions through BI and analytics tools like Power BI and many more.

The unique blend of domain expertise and avant garde technologies enable robust development and business operations; leveraging customization and automation power to transform processes into seamless experiences.

Modernized IT propels power-packed performance

Technologies are the backbone of processes. With the correct strategy and planning, establish augmented processes and create a more controlled environment reducing time-to-market for your deliverables, products and services. Witness technologies formulate and process data to perfect end products.

  • Implement technologies that best suit requirement and budget.
  • Client-centric approach with high throughput computing.
  • Constant communication and transparency.
  • Broad technology expertise and domain knowledge.
  • Intelligent analytical and unique solutions.

Alfresco Development Services

With deep domain knowledge working extensively on Alfresco projects with a global clientele, LTS dedicated Alfresco team provides a high-quality custom content management system enabling corporate knowledge transfer simplifying and streamlining business processes.

Technology Advancement

Continuous innovating and implementing customer service processes, product lines and business models post the massive leap from desktop to mobile computing.

Supply Chain Intricacy

Experience operational effectiveness, inventory turns and achieve customer satisfaction by integrating Supply Chain instead of managing multiple processes manually.

Core vs. Context

Outsource payroll, logistics, IT and product assembly and focus on core business specialties thereby reducing expenditure and skillfully addressing fluctuations.

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Incorporate new technologies in your business structure to strengthen business processes, enhance user experience and heighten productivity.