Cyber Security

Securing data, securing valuable assets

Protecting enterprises via proactive solutions and monitoring

Cybersecurity has always been a tricky area to quantify benchmarking. To begin with, we provide cost effective services and solutions to reduce enterprise-wide risk. Irrespective of a business being small, medium or large, they are equally prone to cyber attacks and can lead to financial loss and hampering or misuse of customer data and thereby loss of customers. We aim to protect our clients by monitoring and detecting breaches and threats to the network and loopholes in the system. We implement preventive measures for such attacks by installing layered security.

Security Benchmarking

Detect and address the risks your company network faces with Leo TechnoSoft's Benchmarking services. Create and adhere to basic security standards to prevent loss of valuable data.


All businesses irrespective of size and industry are prone to internal or external attacks. We provide analysis and solutions gauging risks to your business through our VAPT services.

SOC as a Service

Employees viewing unauthorized data, hackers or malware, detect potential threats and enhance security levels within your company network by Leo Technosoft's SOC as a Service.

Strengthen company networks and protect assets from suspicious activities and attacks. Identify potential threats and remedy damage caused in a quick and timely manner without neglecting your business operations with our CyberSecurity Services.

We have got you covered!

We follow a ‘Continuous Response’ mechanism rather than ‘Incident Response’, helping your company focus on core business while we support network security while proactively monitoring multiple layers where potential attacks are possible.


Insure data and protect operations and business by suspicious and unauthorized activities.


Prevent attacks from internal and external sources and help keep valuable customer data safe.


Create multiple security layers to proactively monitor and defend potential breaches and attacks.

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Product Engineering

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Solutions Engineering

Providing solutions engineered to cover your business needs and re-engineered as per your customers' feedback.

Mobility Services

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Be prepared to defend a cyberattack, always. One of 5 companies always experiences the loss of data or malware threats. Do not be one of them.