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Importance of Cyber Security

There is no point in ignoring the fact that cyber security is a real issue facing everyone who owns a device. The widespread use of the technology and its reliance on connectivity make it a major market for malware. Since the Internet was tapped, no security threats of any kind have arisen.

Cyber ​​security professionals continuously defend computer systems against various types of cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks hit corporate and private systems on a regular basis, and the types of attacks are growing rapidly. The motives behind cyber-attacks vary. One is money Cyber ​​attackers can take your system offline and demand payment to restore functionality. Ransomware, a type of attack that requires payment to restore service, is now more sophisticated than ever.

Organizations are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but individuals are also attacked. This often happens when you store personal information on your mobile device and use an insecure network. Tracking and evolving increasing cyber-attacks is the key to better cyber safety. As cyber safety experts are constantly increasing their knowledge of threats and cyber-security information. Cyber benchmark is very important as it helps to protect your system, software, and network from rapidly increasing cyber threats.

What do you understand by cyber safety threats?

Cyber safety threats refer to potential malicious attacks that seek illegally obtained data, disrupt digital operations, or destroy information. In recent years, various high-profile cyber-attacks have exposed sensitive data.

What are the types of Cyber threats that can affect the business?

Cyber safety experts should possess in-depth knowledge of the following types of cyber security.


Malware is a malicious software program that includes spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms. Malware is usually activated when a consumer clicks on a malicious link or attachment, which installs a malicious software program. If malware is energetic, the subsequent conditions may additionally occur –
• Installation of malicious add-on software.
• Block access to critical network components.
• Obtain information covertly by transferring data from your hard drive.
• Disrupt individual components and render systems inoperable.

Denial of Service

A denial of service (DoS) is a type of cyber-attack that attacks a computer or network so that it cannot respond to requests. Distributed DoS does the same thing, but the attack originates from the network. Cyber attackers often use flood attacks to interrupt processes and perform DoS. Many other techniques are available. Some cyber-attacks take advantage of network downtime to launch additional attacks.


Phishing attacks use fake communications such as: Having the recipient open the email and follow the instructions there, and Specifying a credit card number. Its main purpose is to seal sensitive information such as credit card details and login credentials or install malware on the victim's system without difficulty.

Man in the Middle

A man-in-the-middle attack occurs when a hacker breaks into a two-party transaction. After jamming traffic, information can be filtered and stolen. This attack often occurs when users are on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Attackers insert them between visitors and networks and use malware to install software and misuse data.


Emolet is a sophisticated modular banking Trojan that primarily acts as a downloader or dropper for other banking Trojans. Emolet is the most expensive and destructive malware.

SQL Injection

A Structure Query Language (SQL) injection is a sort of cyber-attack resulting from inserting malicious code into the server that uses SQL. When infected the server releases information.

Password attacks

With the correct password cyber attackers have access to a wealth of information. Other sorts of password attacks include accessing a password database or simple outward guessing.

Evolving Cyber safety

Cyber protection practices are evolving as operations that rely on the Internet and digitally evolve and change. Cyber security solution expert focuses mainly on these two areas in the following section-

  • Internet of Things– Individual devices that connect to the Internetor other networks become entry points for hackers. Hackers are targeting smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. B. Smart TVs, language assistants, connected baby monitors, and mobile phones. A hacker who successfully compromises a connected home can not only access a user’s Wi-Fi credentials, but can also obtain data such as bank statements, medical records, and website login credentials.
  • The explosion of Data – data storage on laptops and mobile phone makes it easier for cyber criminals to find an entry point into a network through a personal device.


Consequently, organizations and government agencies require maximum cyber security to safeguard their data and operations. Gaining a deep knowledge of how to address the latest evolving cyber threats is highly important for cyber security experts.

Security Benchmarking

Detect and address the risks your company network faces with LTS Benchmarking services. Create and adhere to basic security standards to prevent loss of valuable data.


All businesses irrespective of size and industry are prone to internal or external attacks. We provide analysis and solutions gauging risks to your business through our VAPT services.

SOC as a Service

Employees viewing unauthorized data, hackers or malware, detect potential threats and enhance security levels within your company network by LTS SOC as a Service.

Strengthen company networks and protect assets from suspicious activities and attacks. Identify potential threats and remedy damage caused in a quick and timely manner without neglecting your business operations with our CyberSecurity Services.

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We follow a ‘Continuous Response’ mechanism rather than ‘Incident Response’, helping your company focus on core business while we support network security while proactively monitoring multiple layers where potential attacks are possible.


Insure data and protect operations and business by suspicious and unauthorized activities.


Prevent attacks from internal and external sources and help keep valuable customer data safe.


Create multiple security layers to proactively monitor and defend potential breaches and attacks.

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