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Java / J2EE

We provide design and development services including web and mobile application development, Content Management System development, Application integration services, Application migration services, Application testing and Quality Assurance, Maintenance, monitoring and support services.[MORE]

Customised Java Development and more
  • Code reusability and object-oriented approach.
  • Highly secure and platform-independent.
  • Flexible and test-driven development.
Android applications for multiple devices
  • Easy adoption and integration.
  • Reliable and crash-free platform.
  • Open source platform with multiple sales channels.


Reach a higher number of users with Android. We provide Consultation services for Android development, Application Design and development services like server-side APIs, mobile applications, eCommerce solutions, QA and Testing services in LTS Mobile Testing Lab, and 24*7 support and maintenance services.[MORE]


From concept, design to development, testing to support services, we build comprehensive iOS applications for all Apple devices – iPad, iPhone, Apple watch, Apple TV and more. Attractive, engaging and sturdy applications combining a client-centric and user-focused approach, we deliver bespoke products and iOS services with advanced and sophisticated technologies leveraging agile development.[MORE]

iOS Application Development Services for Apple Devices
  • Enhanced data security and highly secured transactions
  • Reach bigger audience over international markets
  • High Return on Investment (ROI) with customer satisfaction
Web and Mobile application development with AngularJS
  • Reusable HTML components.
  • Representational State Transfer (REST) friendly application framework.
  • Feasible localization and superior web templating.


LTS provides Design and Development Services like Web and Mobile application development, Single Page Application Development, Cross-Platform, Custom development, Content Management and interactive Dashboards, E-commerce and analytics tools, CMS development and implementation, Migration services and Monitoring and maintenance services.[MORE]


LTS provides Custom PHP development, eCommerce solutions, CMS development and portal development, Mobile and web application development, Third-Party Integration services, Migration and upgradation services, Monitoring and Maintenance services. Use our PHP solutions for higher flexibility and enhanced performance of your business processes.

Custom business solutions using PHP
  • Low maintenance and high performance.
  • Independent and extendible open source platform.
  • Easy to use with third party application support.
Bespoke ReactJS solutions for specific business needs
  • Fast and easy to implement the framework.
  • Create and reuse code combinations.
  • Seamless integration and easy migration.


We provide comprehensive ReactJS services like Web and mobile application design and development services, frontend development, UI/UX and plug in development, CRM Development, Migration services ensuring data security and preventing data loss, and Maintenance and monitoring services.[MORE]

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