Protect your business from unexpected disasters
with comprehensive backup strategies.


We provide Design and development services that include Architecture design, data modeling, data warehousing; Migration to MSSQL database with services like onsite to the cloud and cross-platform migration, and constant support and monitoring services that include server administration and maintenance to optimize performance and reduce response time.

Development, Integration, Migration and Maintenance on MSSQL
  • Cost-efficient and flexible services.
  • Comprehensive development and continuous support.
  • High performance and uninterrupted data access.
High performance mobile and web applications with MongoDB
  • High-performance cost-effective model.
  • Scalable and flexible architecture with faster deployment.
  • Simple development process with reduced complexity.


With comprehensive services like various Applications development for different domains, event logging, archiving, content management and document management, analytics and Business Intelligence services, eCommerce applications and many other solutions, LTS provides consultation, designing and development, integration, maintenance and support services for MongoDB applications.


LTS design and development services provide web and mobile application creation, microservices and backend services on AWS. With customizable application development for different domain requirements, we provide e-commerce solutions, Workflow and inventory management, fully managed gaming applications and many more services like integration and proactive monitoring and maintenance of the database.

Faster, Better and stronger development, deployment and maintenance with AWS
  • Simple and fast to scale and deploy.
  • Cost-efficient with pay-as-you-use approach.
  • High performance and flexible processes.
High Security, Scalability and performance with MySQL
  • Compatible with many operating systems.
  • Cost-effective application development and deployment.
  • Secure database with multiple layer security.


LTS provides a wide range of MySQL services like creating new applications and modifying old applications, designing, modeling and capacity planning, performance tuning and monitoring, patch management and upgradation, securing database and troubleshooting services. We also provide migration to cloud or between two servers, backup and recovery services and upgradation services.


LTS provides consultation and development services that include web and mobile application development, backend development, third party integration services, performance monitoring, migration and timely upgradation services and support and maintenance of database and applications services.

Simpler, faster and high-performance applications
  • High functionality mobile and web applications.
  • Prioritize application quality allowing application testing.
  • Feature rich platform with analytics and integrations.
Reliable robust and high-performance database system
  • Optimum scalability and reliability with customized applications.
  • Reduced database costs and secure environment.
  • Powerful relational database with robust performance.


We provide Design and development services, Integration of existing applications systematically and migration services to prevent data loss through cross-platform or on-premises migration and proactive monitoring through response time analysis, performance check and more, and maintenance of your applications and database system through timely upgradation.


We provide Design and development services for mobile and web applications using Oracle database, cross-platform and on-premises migration services, timely upgradation, proactive monitoring and maintenance of application and database identifying and overcoming issues.

Provision blockchain networks, create and deploy applications with Oracle
  • Store and access a large amount of data.
  • Portable and reliable database with high scalability.
  • ACID-compliant reliable data storage.
Reduced cost and complexity with SQLite
  • Concise and rich-featured.
  • No configuration and installation required.
  • Portability and better performance.


LTS provides industry wide SQLite services depending on specific business requirements. With Web and mobile application design and development, architecture design, Upgradation and Migration services, Maintenance services, Backup, recover and restore services, performance tuning and optimization and many other bespoke services, incorporate SQLite in your business structure.

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