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    IT Solutions from Domain Experts

    Global clientele, Passion driven, with a Customer-centric approach

    Empowering and enabling partners and clients with bespoke IT services, for more than 15 years ensuring cost-effective, scalable and reliable solutions.

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    Your IT Partners

    End-to-End IT Solutions to Business problems

    Product Development

    Timely delivered, ultra-fine quality and affordable products and solutions crafted by IT experts at LTS. We provide end-to-end product life cycle solutions to partners and clients

    IOT service


    LTS designs the best easy-to-use mobile applications; business solutions on the go! Partner with us to provide high margin solutions to clients.

    cloud app

    Business Intelligence

    Analyzing, interpreting and incorporating valuable customer patterns and feedback to improve your business strategies. We ensure best resources, expertise and scalable options

    Cyber Security

    Multi-layer Cyber security solutions with proactive monitoring, incident and continuous response to secure businesses. We provide sales support, operations and technical support to all our services

    Focus on your core business while we take care of your IT needs

    IT Support

    Experience 24*7 maintenance and monitoring to all services we provide, all year round

    Super Fast Service

    Taking deadlines seriously, we deliver on time maintaining a transparent process with all our clients

    Domain Expertise

    With years of experience and industry specific solutions, we serve various domains with bespoke IT

    Partner with LTS

    For domain specific, scalable and flexible IT Services with year round maintenance

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    Our Happy Clients with Ever Stronger Businesses

    Transforming and digitizing businesses to create real business value, helping you save onto IT costs and delivering tangible results

    Why choose us

    Transforming businesses by strengthening IT

    stronger security, stronger applications and stronger analysis
    Efficient Operations

    We design and implement automated processes to increase efficiency and productivity

    Improve & Implement

    We work in a dynamic environment. We change according to the feedback you get and give.

    Tailor-made solutions

    We identify the obstacles and implement the solutions

    Create & Shield

    Not only do we build your business from scratch, but we also provide security solutions to prevent any harm to data

    Our A team

    Our IT team, and sales and marketing team led by our expert directors will make sure you get the best service

    24/7 support

    We believe the key to happy customers is of great support. We provide support to services provided all day, everyday.

    Bridging the gap between opportunities and success with BOMT Model


    Our low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy tailored to address ISV and Startup growth Cycle. A step by step allocation of domain expertise, technical knowledge and market transformation, our BOMT model is the bridge from your idea to a sturdy business.

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