Non Profit Organization Get Cyber Help

Make sponsors, donors, volunteers and influencers aware of the events and campaigns you are running through setting up a digital identity through websites, mobile applications and allow more donations than the traditional approach. Utilize modern IT services to give a new platform to your organization.

  • Spread awareness of your cause digitally through websites and mobile applications.
  • Engage multiple stakeholders and convert awareness into tangible funds through community outreach.
  • Implement processes and manage operations with greater ease by balancing costs and resources accordingly.

With a client-centric approach, we further nourish your purpose and help you accomplish your organizational goals and maximize impact through strong networking in a limited budget.

Increasing efficiency and improving operations so you focus on your cause to maximize impact through automated processes and smart technology.

Connectivity and Communication

Build strong networks and convey your message to bigger masses by stronger connectivity and communication through good deeds, loyalty programs and more.

Campaign Management

Manage campaigns by designing a plan, developing teams and driving people to fund the cause by hosting events and managing influencers and volunteers for support.

Donations and Payment Gateways

Enable donations through websites and mobile applications by integrating payment gateways modules and providing various methods for paying through credit cards, debit cards, wallets, etc.

Websites and Public Relations

Reach out to potential donors and well-wishers creating a website to further spread your cause and strengthen public relations to encourage support through the digital world.

Mobility Solutions

Provide alternative options to donate through the website and enable impromptu donations from anywhere just over a mobile application, quickly and easily.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Further, your cause, spread awareness and attract more volunteers and donors. Collaborate and gain loyalty with community outreach programs while companies fulfil their social responsibility

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Why choose us?

Focus a major part of your funds on your cause by outsourcing your IT needs to LTS experts. Depending on the size of the organization, we strategize plans and implement convenient processes to increase reliability and efficiency and help you acquire marginal funds.

  • Affordable IT services.
  • Expert planners and designers.
  • Scalability and Flexibility.
For Consultation, Strategising and Development.

Experience numerous ways we could elevate business growth, reduce competition and strengthen network security.