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At LTS Mobility Testing Lab, we test mobile applications extensively. Check quality, performance and reliability of mobile applications to prevent common attacks through the rigorous manual and automated testing to safeguard sensitive customer and business data.

  • Analyze and detect security vulnerabilities by rigorously checking aspects like the application source code.
  • Determine loopholes in app structure and the threat of malicious attacks or unauthorized access through Pen-test.
  • Avail to on-site or remote site mobile application testing services according to the company's requirements.

We focus on delivering actionable solutions and tangible results. Striving for constant improvement, our strategies revolve around valuing customer data and providing your customers a satisfying and safe business environment.

Pushing the application as well as the server to break down is the best way to find vulnerabilities and potential attack points in the framework. Every software today is hack-able and we test your app to prevent just that.

Risks from servers

Mobile apps are constantly communicating with the outside world through the internet. Ensuring server-side security can protect apps from malicious links and hackers' misuse by automated scanners.

Untrusted inputs

Hidden inputs can be used while developing the apps and improper implementation can lead to misuse of customer data. Mobile applications should restrict access and identify sensitive entry points.

Session Timings

Setting proper session timings for application processes is of utmost importance. Re-authenticating processes must be practiced as extended session timings may lead to misuse of data.

Improper authorization

Prevent the loss of data and compromise of devices by proper authorization or authentication of applications.

Data Leaks

Prevent misuse of sensitive customer data that many times get leaked through loopholes in the application code or through network gaps.

Cryptography Issues

Improper implementation or bad encryption may lead to broken cryptography and can easily be decrypted. Insecure algorithms, using built-in encryption can lead to weaker app security.

Why Choose Us?

We prioritize mobile application security and adhere to standard practises while creating and testing mobile applications. Our expert testing team not only detects gaps and loopholes in the application but also provides comprehensive security strategy and solutions.

  • Automated and manual mobile testing
  • Constant monitoring and support
  • Standard and customised services

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