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Client Name: Think Well Group
Project Name: Social Networking Site

Revolutionary Software Enables Next-Gen Networking for Strategic Consultant Company

Business Situation

Our client Think Well group is a strategic consultant company, providing services for mixed-use projects all over the world. With around 70+ dedicated staff they provide services like customized mobile game concept and development solutions for renowned international brands, advertising companies and publishers.

The client was looking for an out of the box and revolutionary social networking site that would be more personalised and having an absolutely novel concept.

Touted to be the next generation social networking site even more massive than Facebook, GoPogo is revolutionary software that has it all to be supreme.

This application has all the customised options to suit the user’s requirement. The user needs to create an account and the system offers personal recommendations, fast checkout, playlists to categorize and schedule tasks, and a geolocation based API which provides the best estimate of the user’s position using a number of sources. The Current Position and watch Position methods support an optional parameter of type Position Options which specifies the location of the user. It’s further designed with complex back end logic and algorithms to understand the user better, for e.g. it’s loaded with hilarious and multiple questions to understand the psychology of the user. With the culmination of this, the system starts showing results like places, hobbies, invitations, checklists, etc suitable and as per the likings of the user.

This marvellous concept now bought by the world’s leading Credit Card Company USD $11 million, is built using all the social networking integration and is a synonym of ground-breaking technology.


• PHP 5.3
• Mysql 5
• Apache 2.2
• Jquery 1.4
• Zend Framework
• Google API
• Social API (Facebook, twitter, Digg)
• iOS & Android


LTS’s expert team with the help of technology like complex business logic and back end algorithm developed a user friendly and a more tailored form of social networking site that is made keeping people’s taste and preference in mind.


This fabulous software is much more than the regular social networking sites those are available today. It offers discounts, recommendations, checklists, maps, favourite playlists and places, invitations, calendar options and more apart from the standard features of messaging, quizzes, community etc.

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