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Declutter with Posts That Last for 24 Hours with Unique Social Media Application

Business Situation

Backspace wished to be a unique platform. They hired the services of LTS to develop an iPhone app that their users will use. Today’s social networks are cluttered with old posts, pictures the users of social media might not want to see. There can be videos that are not relevant to the interests of users. Re-posted articles and videos clutter the news feed (or Twitter feed) of users like nothing. Social networking is supposed to be fun, personal, fresh, and real! And that is what Backspace aims to ensure for its users. Backspace wanted to enable its users to use its facilities via an iPhone app.

Backspace is a social networking platform which allows users to keep their posts online just for 24 hours. After the posts get deleted in 24 hours, users will not get superflous notifications about old posts, status updates and pictures. However, if the friends of a user like or comment on the post and interact with him/her (user) via their feedback, the life of the post would increase.

  • PHP
  • Google app engine


LTS developed the Backspace app for iPhone. Using Backspace, users can express themselves with photos, short videos, and status updates. Their posts would not last forever on Backspace. Everything shared on Backspace disappears in 24 hours. The life of each post can increase on the basis of engagement that the post is generating. Not just posts, even the conversations between friends do not last forever on Backspace.


  • Nothing lasts forever:
    Everything that users share will disappear in 24 hours. Interaction between user and his/her friends adds time to the life of user posts.
  • Easy to discover new interests:
    Users can check out the trending hashtags to see what everyone is talking about. They can also search for contents based on their interests. They can also follow other Backspace users.
  • Friends Groups:
    Either users can share their stuff with all friends, or they can create a small group of friends and share only with them.
  • Awesome design:
    Enjoy Backspace’s beautiful photo/video layout and design. Backspace also has an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Privacy Settings:
    Users more concerned about their privacy can set their profile to private. Then only their close friends will be able to see what they (users) are sharing on Backspace.


  • Enjoyable feed:
    As users can customize your feed and limit it to things they are interested in, they will see only those things in their feed which they enjoy.
  • Privacy:
    It is easy to set privacy status for everything posted by users and every post will be shared with friends specified by users.
  • Hashtags:
    Some social media platforms support hashtags while some do not. However, Backspace allows users to use hashtags and ensure a wider reach for their social media posts.
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