We are thrilled to announce that LTS is organizing an event on 18 May 2024 on the implementation of modern technologies and innovations in the healthcare industry. All of you are cordially invited to be a part of it where our adept professionals will talk about:

The tech-enthusiast team at LTS is always researching technological innovations and implementations to improve their services for each industry. We keep us updated with the trends and pain points of every industry so that we can provide optimum solutions for them.

For the Healthcare industry, LTS is majorly focused on three areas:

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Automation of tasks for remote homecare of hospital OPD

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Implementation of AI in operation analytics to fetch data and create reports

SOC (Security Operation Center)

Use of SOC as a service to keep assets and data secure and abide by healthcare compliance.
These three pillars are transforming the healthcare sector rapidly. Addressing those areas that hinder the way of improvement, better treatment, and a safe environment, these technologies can take healthcare to the next level. 

A seamless process of operation, smooth transactions, accurate treatment, utmost safety, and better health – this is all that the healthcare industry demands. To fulfill these demands, technology and healthcare must go hands-on-hand. 

LTS is organizing this event to share insights. Let us grow together and be a part of upscaling the healthcare industry and a new world.

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