LTS Accelerator Mentor Program

Inspire & Be Inspired !

Discover New Perspectives

Join the LTS Accelerator Mentor Program, an International Community of Committed Business Mentors and be a part of brighter future which begins with YOU. Come forward, help, and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and strengthen the business community by sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

Why Become a Mentor?

Helping people has its own reward- a satisfaction that grows within.
Help and shape the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship
Support start-up and make their vision tangible
Meet a community of innovators shaping the future

Opportunity for learning and growth

Step outside the day-job to get fresh perspectives on common business challenges
Develop your leadership and management skills and advance your career
Boost your confidence by validating your skills and competencies
Expand your personal network and peer-to-peer learning through induction, events and webinars
Get personal satisfaction from helping the small business community

Our mentors.

Our mentors have significant collective experience,
spanning across a variety of industries and stages.
Dylan Schweitzer


satyen Jain
Satyen Jain

Co Founder

RinTchen Kang

Executive Sales Director

Ryan Lazarus

Windo Global Partners

James Watson
James Watson

Outsourced VP of Sales | Sales Catapult

Chris George
Chris George

Director of Partnerships

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