Client Name: Run2Geo
Project Name: Fitness Application

Leisure meets business; enhancing sports and fitness with technology through mobile application

Business Situation

The advantages of a mobile application are beyond the obvious ones. We have seen businesses from various industries transform under the umbrella called digitization. The Health and Fitness domain also relived this transformation, only for the better.  Now it’s more convenient, doable and affordable than taking out time and joining gym sessions. One of the most important aspects of fitness is running and at high training levels, athletes needs the application to monitor stamina and speed among other statistics. Our client approached us, not as an entrepreneur but also as an athlete who needed an application that sufficed all running related requirements. An application that provided accurate location of the athlete while running sessions, monitor stamina, capture speed and offered comprehensive solutions like address coordination among runners. With a detailed analysis of running sessions needed for bonding, motivation and team improvement, an application that improved performance of runners with many inbuilt features.

Countering challenges;

  • User Location tracking
  • Data and Notification synchronization
  • Performance Analysis
  • Distance Measurement
  • Background monitoring
  • Battery Drain

• iOS
• Objective C (Frontend)
• NET (Backend)
• MySQL (Database)


LTS’s development and UI/UX team build and designed a mobile application, adding GPS functionality through extensive research and continuous development and testing cycles. Via Real Time Testing methods, we ensured precise location of the application user appearing on the map during running sessions through GPS functionality. With Navigation functionality and Data Plotting via Apple Map Kit, we enhanced location features in the Mobility Testing Lab. With background tracking, run2geo app provides several options including organising running events and checking sprint progress.

Calculations involving real time data for accurate tracking of pace, distance and time, were made possible through extensive testing in the Mobile Lab.

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