Shaping tomorrow's future through smart education.

Education sector is one of the most sensitive and powerful sectors to serve. Shaping tomorrow's future with latest digital technology and proven processes, agile methodology and domain expert guidance, at LTS, we deliver strong research based solution to endow Education sector with the best of solutions.

  • Transformation enabling futuristic learning experiences through digital content management and mobility solutions.
  • Co-develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of students and faculty combining cutting edge technology and educations models.
  • Leveraging BOMT model to ameliorate service delivery focussing on continuous improvement and performance management.

Academic Services to Training Services, Administration to Management services all powered by advanced technologies and smart IT solutions are driving today's education sector overcoming challenges and accomplishing greater goals.

Through powerful processes and automation, specialised IT services bring about transformation providing personilised learning solutions and improving the overall education journey.

Application Development

We build bespoke Web and Mobile Applications through UI/UX Design Services, Product and Solution Development Services and Testing Services to serve specific client business requirements.

Cloud Services

Migrating existing infrastructure to the cloud or building on cloud framework, we provide custom cloud services with higher scalability and flexibility and lower costs with subscription plans.

Digital Transformation

Simplify organizational processes with Workflow, Information Management, Content and Document Management. Achieve operational efficiency and reduce human error by transforming framework.

Security Services

Ensure secure data and processes with constant monitoring of threats, identifying potential loopholes in the existing framework and safeguard sensitive data against misuse and attacks.

Offshore Development

We provide both on-shore and off-shore development services with off-shore development reducing infrastructure costs and focusing on high quality products and services.

Maintenance and Support

Increase productivity and efficiency with our timely IT support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth and proficient working of internal and external processes.

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Why choose us?

With innovative, fail proof and highly efficient solutions, we enable the education sector towards a powerful transformation. With proficient IT services and automated processes, LTS serves business to transition into powerful frameworks.

  • 15 years of technical experience.
  • Extensive research and guidance from domain experts.
  • Cost effective services with reduced time to market.

Defining the transition to Smart Education

Experience different ways you could power education through technology to build a future of Smart.