Temperature control is the most critical facet for food processing industry. Maintaining right temperature for specific food is necessary for preservation, hygiene and quality. Manual temperature tracking is a cumbersome task and allows a chance for human error that can result in decay and food contamination.

Our client from midwest is a multi-venture organization that also offers end to end solution for food processing, including cold storages. Large storage space requires automation of temperature record keeping, ensuring monitoring and timely action. Their vision needed an app to accomplish and to avoid the potential human errors.

Hence, the client approached Chicago-based offshore iOS, Android App development Company LTS for help. Xamarin development company LTS developed an app called Intellitemp to monitor temperature variance to support client mange the cold storage more efficiently and alert mechanism to take immediate action & reduce losses. Some of the major challenges while building the mobile app were as follows:


  • Conversion of binary data to digital data was difficult: Mobile apps usally works well with digital data however the probe data app received was in binary format and required conversion before it could be displayed in App.
  • Downloading data with an API and Parsing: To access Parse server data with mobile app and further using it to update app data was a big challenge.
  • Data synchronization hassles: Data synchronization was difficult as device was not always connected to the server.
  • Probe connectivity issues: Sensor probe used to monitor temperature variance had connectivity issues and the success of the app was dependent on it, as it was essential to ensure that probe remain connected to capture the real time temprature status.
  • BlueTooth Technology 3.0 & 4.0 Issue: BlueTooth 3.0 had limited features. Hence, regarding sharing, limited activities could be done. Not every application or device was compatible with BlueTooth 4.0.
  • Lack of Internationalisation & Localization Support: App was required to Support 3 languages where terminology and parameter for reading changes.


Leo Technosoft build the solution enabling:

  • Easy data conversion: Intellitemp made the conversion of binary data to digital data easier.
    API Parse issues solved: Not only Intellitemp records the accurate temperature, it updates it to the server in the real time.
  • Time saving and no human error: Intellitemp can saves the time of users and its automated system that records and uploads the temperature to the server in real time, saves the time of user and eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Easy Categorization: The automated system of Intellitemp can categorize all food items into relevant categories within short time.
  • Prob connectivity issues solved: Intellitemp can use BluTooth to transfer services. It also has Unique Device Identifier.
  • BluTooth technology issues resolved: Intellitemp is compatible with BluTooth 4.0 which has more features and functionalities.
  • I10 & L10 Support available: Intellitemp supports I10 and L10.

Benefits of Solution offered by LTS to Customer

The Mobile Lab of LTS offered solution to customer by developing Intellitemp app. The layout of the already developed Android version was changed and the new iOS version was developed by offshore iOS App development company LTS in the Mobile Lab.

Intellitemp app automated the system of temperature record and uploading the recorded data on the relevant server for monitoring and modelling. It can also categorize the list of food items to monitor the environment control.

User can sign in and create the task of recording the temperature and app has functionalities of displaying notifications & alerts via pop ups and remainders regarding notification. If the temperature of a particular food item or storage is out of range, corrective action pop-up comes up. Users have the liberty to add the new item.

Users of IntelliTemp app also have the option of categorizing one food item into different categories. The app is multilingual, can be changed from English to Spanish and French as per the user preference.


Using Intellitemp, Client able to simplify the temperature recording mechanism, cut the losses and reduce the cost of operation. To know more about our Mobile Lab where app is developed, contact us at enquiry@leosys.net

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  • iOS (Core Bluetooth Framework)
  • Android

Development Duration

  • Android Layout change – (3 Months)
  • iOS Version Development – (5 Months)

Team Size

4 people (2 for Android and 2 for iOS)


Agile Methodology

Benefits of Agile Methodology

  • Faster maturity
  • Speed-to-market
  • Quality
  • Visibility
  • Low Risk
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Control