Client Name: Dental Chain
Project Name: Ad Hoc Query Tool

Ad Hoc Query Tool Enhances Crucial Dental Processes

Business Situation

A group of dedicated dental professionals, with about 30 clinics spread across the United States, our client’s vision is to open state-of-the-art dental care practices that would combine the highest standard of care, the latest technologies, and the services of talented general dentists and specialists to meet the needs of the communities they serve. That in mind, our client approached us with the requirement of an Ad Hoc Query application to acquire, develop and manage multiple dental clinics at different locations and create a smooth network among them.

Apart from the existing BI tool that prepared reports, they were looking for an Ad Hoc Query tool, which their business users could use to create dynamic business reports without relying on IT, when they needed to find instant answers to particular business questions.


• C#
• Javascript
• jQuery
• jQuery mobile
• SQL Server 2005/2008


LTS’s expert team of developers worked jointly with the client’s business team to deliver an innovative ad-hoc reporting solution, which like all BI applications, is squarely aimed at achieving the company’s goals.

Our developers first started with identifying what each end-user strategic function was, and began building an Ad Hoc reporting solution that optimized and made these functions convenient and faster.

The developed Ad Hoc Query Tool allows a business user to create custom queries and reports outside the extent of the pre-prepared reports. As these queries can put strain on the company’s database, they are run against the data warehouse designed particularly for analytical purposes.

Our customized Ad Hoc solution not only helps our client with imposing data on the front end but also fetches the data and transforms it using an ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) for faster processing. Any clinical location at any point of time, the client has the descriptive data in seconds.

Application features;

• Predefined and custom query filters, including ad-hoc query abilities
• Real-time data
• On-demand capability to view and refresh
• User-friendly report creation that leverages data filters and sorting
• Creation of complex reports and recurring reports
• Report data elements can be easily modified using report formatting
• Detail and summary tables, charts, cross-tabs and graphs distribution
• Ability to save reports for personal use or share with other users
• Scheduled distribution
• Multiple export and distribution options, including PDF, Excel and e-mail

Ad Hoc Query tool had multiple benefits;

• Empower users and provide self-service access, removing IT as a bottleneck to report development.
• Save time and training costs– streamlines users’ access to critical information. Requires virtually no training, so anyone can run ad hoc reports
• Import just the exact information required for each report.
• User-friendly for non-technical users with drag-and-drop interface and an Excel-like environment to create tables, crosstabs and charts.
• Save and return to ad hoc reports for later use
• Encourage collaboration and information sharing – Users can easily create, organize, publish and make reports available to other users via the Web for on-demand viewing.

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