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Have supported by a major tech firm, and possess a strong developer community.

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Leo Technosoft, a React JS Development Company have build the strength to execute mission critical projects in React JS for many reasons like the open source JavaScript library, massively get popularity being adopted to build reusable UI components, which accelerate the web development. React JS developer helps in building UI specifically for single page applications, handling the view layer for web and mobile apps.

React JS has ability to create large web applications using DOM (Document object model) to define logical structure of document (i.e. data in XML),for cross-platform, language independent applications. Its ability change data, without reloading the page and allows faster, scalable and simplified development process.

React JS developer helps in building UI in an application, which corresponds to view in the MVC (model-view-control) template. It is also used in collaboration with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, within MVC to develop web pages more elegant and appealing. It creates a consistent appearance across entire website’s UI, and works exceptionally well for the newsfeed. ReactJS impress with it features like.

JSX (JavaScript XML) :

  • JSX is ReactJS syntax, which is a collaboration of syntaxes of JavaScript and XML/HTML. JSX gives more optimized code, which accelerate UI creation..

Server-side rendering :

  • ReactJS is capable of establishing an initial client-server connection to initiate data transfer, makes page loading faster, need not wait for complete execution of JavaScript code.

Virtual DOM :

  • ReactJS uses “virtual DOM” for creating a data structure in memory, which replicates an existing DOM. ReactJS analyzes the difference between real and virtual DOM, that effectively update DOM displayed in the browser

Application of ReactJS

React JS Framework for Web Application Development :

  • ReactJS is used by Facebook, featured lightweight, fast and easy to implement framework. This is a latest and extensive framework, used to design and develop JavaScript-based web applications. Its open source nature simplifies the development process and serves the reliable web applications. The web development company focuses on building high octane web applications and fulfilling the core objective of the client.

React Native for mobile app development :

  • React Native is the best framework especially used for mobile app development. This framework supports cross-platform mobile app development, hence provides interactive mobile UI for both Android and iOS mobile app. The code is reusable; hence at the same time creating iOS, Android and Web application is possible.

Benefits :

Choosing the most suitable and reliable framework for front-end development is a crucial task. To make or break your business selection of ReactJS is a wise decision for the project. .

The benefits of ReactJS include :

  • A free and open-source library .
  • Have supported by a major tech firm, and possess a strong developer community.
  • A straightforward learning curve, simple to adopt .
  • A lightweight DOM, that mostly results in strong performance
  • It allows creating, reusing and combining components in the code.

A top-notch ReactJS application development company delivers the best possible web application. ReactJS possess a component-based approach, well-defined lifecycle, and use of just plain JavaScript. This makes ReactJS simple to learn, build a professional web and mobile applications, and support it. We have adopted ReactJS as a web application framework as it speeds up development as well as it smoothens functionalities.

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