The Importance of Cybersecurity Assurance for Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure refers to virtual or physical networks, systems, and assets that are important and whose destruction or decommissioning would adversely affect national security, public health, safety, the economy, or a combination thereof. Critical Infrastructure consists of people, systems, or things that must be in good working order at all times to be successful in our day-to-day work and life.

  • LTS's Critical infrastructure protection includes the process of critical infrastructure protection. This includes physical assets citizens and critical cyber networks required for public safety business and national security.
  • Critical Infrastructure represents cyber-systems and assets so important to the States that their inoperability or destruction would have a debilitating impact on the economic security or safety of the States. The nation's critical Infrastructure provides essential services to sustain society.
  • LTS's Strategic Plan is the first comprehensive strategy since the institution's founding. Strategic planning faces a risk landscape encompassing an increasingly interconnected global cyberspace that the nation faces 24/7 asymmetric cyber-threats with widespread real-world impact.

LTS works with partners at all business, community, and government levels to provide training and other tools and resources related to critical infrastructure security. Efforts are focused on raising awareness among the wider community about the need for security and resilience of critical Infrastructure and expanding current efforts. Public-private partnerships are essential to this effort, as each plays a role in protecting the country's critical Infrastructure. LTS provides its infrastructure security services and capabilities to public and private sector stakeholders. We conduct infrastructure and community assessments to help businesses and local government officials determine where to allocate resources to strengthen pre-event security and improve post-event recovery.
Critical Infrastructure is a security solution that is of paramount importance to protect systems and services that are vital to society and the economy.

Improve Cybersecurity Assurance for Critical Infrastructure by providing valuable and insightful information about:

• Mitigate vulnerabilities and risks posed by the presence of implicit interactions.
• Reduce the impact when the system encounters an attack or failure.
• Make Cybersecurity measures more realistic early in system development.
• Design, implementation, and cyber-assurance determination and mitigation strategies and policies.
Cyber-security Assurance in Critical Infrastructure is paramount in protecting systems and services that are highly essential to society and the economy.

Cybersecurity Assurance For Critical Infrastructure
Cybersecurity Assurance For Critical Infrastructure

LTS's Cybersecurity Framework and Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • The LTS Cybersecurity Framework is an essential tool for identifying network vulnerabilities. The Cybersecurity Framework is designed to provide the basic structure needed to properly coordinate Cybersecurity activities at all levels of an organization from strategic planning to execution and measurement.
  • It also coordinates among stakeholders from different sectors with different responsibilities while working together to protect shared critical cyber infrastructure.
  • A solid Cybersecurity strategy starts with a good understanding of the threats your business faces and the types of protection you need.

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Cyber-security is an ever-evolving field, with new threats emerging every day. It is critical for organizations today to maintain up-to-date Cybersecurity protections to prevent attacks from penetrating their networks. Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field, but certain Cybersecurity concepts never go out of style. These include the need for strong Cybersecurity practices, the importance of a culture of security, and the need to raise awareness. These concepts are important no matter what industry you are in. They help protect your business from internal and external threats. LTS's security strategists help accelerate your critical Infrastructure. They have all the expertise and experience to guide your organization toward the best security practices and risk mitigation plans.

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