Alfresco Development Services

Modern software to fulfill multi level corporate content requirement ensuring restructured and organized content

Easy extension and seamless integration with Alfresco

With deep domain knowledge working extensively on Alfresco projects with global clientelle, LTS's dedicated Alfresco team provides high quality custom content management system enabling corporate knowledge transfer simplifying and streamlining business processes.

  • On-premise and cloud solutions depending on client requirement.
  • Open Source and scalable platform with no vendor lock in.
  • Flexible deployment options with IaaS and PaaS and On premise solutions.

A simple and powerful way of digitizing, storing, retrieving and securing valuable business content through a highly structured approach. Open Source, scalable and a flexible platform, Alfresco provides enough room for customization of products to accurately meet your business needs.

Swiftly striding towards digitization and transformation, Alfresco catalogue, packed with 'innovative capabilities' as claimed, provides numerous options with a range of Alfresco Products and Alfresco Solutions both predesigned and customizable as per business requirements.

Development Services

Develop customized or predesigned Content Management System and other web and mobile applications enabling structured and high quality business processes.

Mobile Solutions

With high quality custom mobile applications built on highly scalable and sturdy Alfresco framework, experience ease of accessing business solutions on the go.

Integration Services

Integrate Alfresco with third party applications to create more continuous and enhanced products with rich features through bespoke Alfresco Integration Services.

Customization Services

Tweak Alfresco ECM, BPM and other products or utilize the Alfresco framework to build applications for specific business requirements to produce specific tasks.

Maintenance Services

24*7 Alfresco Product Maintenance and Service Support on-shore and off-shore, with patch management, backup, recovery and server support and more.

Workflow Services

Use predesigned Alfresco Workflows or build custom workflows to cater to specific workflow requirements to experience simple, convenient and accurate processes.

Other IT Services & Solutions

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Why Choose Us?

Serving global clientelle from various industries, LTS has acquired deep knowledge and understanding through multiple Alfresco projects. Our expert developers transform unstructured and poorly stored data into highly structured corporate content with specific industry standards.

  • Expertise in Alfresco Development
  • Cost efficiency custom processes
  • Continuous support and management

Consulting, Custom Development and Continuous Maintenance

With custom Alfresco Content Management System or predesigned applications with rich features, re-define data storage, retrieval and audit trails of business processes.