Service Ideation and Innovation

Create greater value, generate higher revenue and deliver superior results with bespoke services.

Cleverly defining and managing the conversion from Business and Service Innovation Services.

Tweaking ideas and measuring different aspects of viability can lead to great service innovation. Not only customer demand, but different factors like timing, commercial acceptance, affordability, etc support service innovation. Ideas are not restricted to experts or techies, ideation does not require skill; anyone can come up with an idea and our skilled team then helps innovate.

  • Our domain experts create and repurpose ideas into products or services defining the need of the hour.
  • We innovate and ideate novel services and solutions to address the requirement and enhance efficiency.
  • Automated services where manual intervention is minimal results in higher efficiency and high profitability.

Ideation and innovation individually or in combination open many possibilities for businesses. Revamping and repurposing an existing software or service module to fulfill another process need can just be the start.

Start with expert support and own the market; Ideation and innovation to kickstart businesses. With zero lag, we enable businesses to create something as small and powerful as a new feature and also something as big and dramatic as systems and tools.

Empathize and analyse

Focussing on customers, their needs, industry services, and the drawbacks can help provide a better understanding of what services can be ideated and innovated

Define the need

Ideating a solution and then tracing it to the obstacles faced in workplace environments helps us enhance it more to create the best form of service.


We think above and beyond the routine process of events. Our team members from different backgrounds brainstorm to surpass the obvious solutions and devise something completely novel.

Prototyping the idea

Create a service based on different steps, considering all stakeholders’ inputs, outputs, and process flow to create a failproof service that covers all possible scenarios of a business process.


We envision services as a part of your business process, and evaluate and enhance the service based on the dynamic environment


In a dynamic environment, sometimes solutions and services do not work as expected. The best way to identify and overcome glitches is to constantly monitor and rectify mistakes.

Why Choose Us?

At LTS, we innovate new services to suit your business requirements. If you have an existing service and just want an added feature, we help you ideate and create better versions of exisiting services.

  • Customised services from IT experts
  • Onshore-offshore development
  • Affordable and scalable

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Experience numerous ways we could elevate business growth, reduce competition and strengthen network security.