Quality Assurance Services

Comprehensive strategies to re-engineer critical company assets with expertise, technologies and continuous delivery.

Testing, Standardization and Consolidation.

Quality Assurance is much more than just software testing. With reduced testing costs, reduced test automation efforts and reduced regression testing time, we provide expert Quality Assurance services. From testing Services, Advisory services to best practice implementation, we provide end-to-end Quality Assurance solutions ensuring smooth functionalities.

  • Save money on faulty software by investing in Quality Assurance services.
  • Strengthen software and products with QA services to maintain great user experience.
  • Ensure higher profits and boost customer satisfaction by implementing QA.

Apart from the most common QA testing services including Software Testing, Web Services Testing and mobile Testing, we also provide ERP, CRM Testing Services, Performance and Automation Testing Services, Continuous Integration with DevOps, Test and Defect Management and other customized solutions.

Traditional Quality Assurance does not suffice in today's world. Numerous market alternatives, high competition at multiple levels and transformation at it's best, implement the best Quality Assurance regime.

UI/UX Testing

Ensure seamless functionality and experience of web, mobile and other device applications by testing all elements to heighten responsiveness, compatibility and enhance customer satisfaction.

Security Testing

With advanced Cyber Security Testing methods, detect risks and vulnerabilities and maintain multilayer protection of organizational assets through continuous or timely QA.

Localization Testing

With an alternative version to test on different cultures, linguistics and target audiences, reach out to potential customers with a tested and confirmed version of websites and applications.

Performance Testing

Determine the responsiveness, speed and overall performance of websites, applications, networks, software and devices to tweak and bring out the best possible versions for maximum output

Automation Testing

With advanced testing tools, implement best suited automated testing practices reducing manual efforts, reducing the time required and implementing error-free techniques with new technologies

Custom Manual Testing

Adhering to custom requirements, test applications, networks and softwares for performance, stability and compliance issues through a wide array of Manual Testing techniques.

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Why Choose Us?

With more than 30 Quality Assurance experts, more than 50 platforms and impressive global clientele, LTS provides end-to-end Quality Assurance Services leveraging best practices, sturdy methodologies, accurate technologies and deep domain knowledge for custom testing and results.

  • Multi-tier Testing Strategy.
  • Manual and Automated testing.
  • Domain expertise and in-house testing facility.

Agile, Responsive and High Performance.

Through advanced testing technologies, boost performance, repair existing faults and build fail-proof applications and infrastructure leveraging high-quality QA services.