Your Product’s Cybersecurity Scorecard : Free Product Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Every product needs a cyber-risk assessment nowadays, organizations should assess software security risks attached to products in a comprehensive manner to build robust product.

Imagine if the engineers and planners constructing that bridge focused solely on its design and aesthetics, and ensuring it had enough lanes to meet anticipated traffic volume—leaving the question of whether the bridge was sturdy enough to not buckle under the weight of vehicles until after construction was completed.

For drivers this would be a rather absurd—and frightening—way to build bridges, and yet, this is often exactly how organizations approach the software development process when it comes to cyber security. They build software and products to work as intended, and then after the software is out on the market adopt a reactive “patch and pray” philosophy to mitigate any security vulnerabilities.

For businesses – whether it is a “startup” or “global multinational ISV ” – should seek to build cyber security into the software development process from the start. To make organizations hassle free LTS Secure offers free Cyber security Risk assessment for your product, identifying

  • Relevant threats to your product
  • Internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Impact if those vulnerabilities are exploited
  • Likelihood of exploitation and more…

Cyber security should not be an afterthought in the software development process; it should be the first thought. As applications, systems and devices increasingly fall victim to hacks, vendors may be tempted to assume that business users and consumers have become desensitized to the problem.

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