Pharmaceutical Insurance in India

Covering all areas of Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals like Biocontainment, RnD Laboratories, Clean rooms, Critical storage, Animal Research and more, we focus on particular departments to design and build custom scalable processes through automation, advanced technologies and smart processes.

  • Build a competitive advantage by boosting innovation and implementing proven strategies.
  • Incorporate seamless operations within the company framework with less or no human interference.
  • Build powerful and sturdy processes adhering to industry-wide regulatory compliance.

Accelerated innovation, reduced time to market and higher ROI through new therapies, innovative products and quality practises, we ensure that our clients achieve outstanding results to serve the global population. Through standard processes, regulatory compliance and unique strategies that reflect client goals, we deliver excellence.

Mediating your journey towards best-in-class, incorporating commercial transformation to modernize enterprises, we strive to create quality solutions through robust processes, agile methodology, tweaked technology and years of experience.

Regulatory Compliance

Highly regulated with compliance, rules and guidlines, the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry needs to adhere to geographical and industry compliance implementing safe processes ensuring patient and staff welfare.

Clinical Trials

With Clinical Document management, Knowledge and Information management and other standard high performance software, we facilitate clinical trials from Trial Design and development to Data Analysis and Reporting.

Process Transformation

With Order and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Workflow Managemment and more, we seamlessly intertwine and automate all processes aiming at high synchrony, higher performance and efficiency.

Marketing Services

From strategising and designing to development and support, we provide Web and Mobile Product Engineering and Solution Engineering Services, IoT Services for smart devices and bespoke Mobility Services.

Cyber Security

Through prevention and remediation, secure multiple layers of business network, valuable and sensitive patient data, drug compositions and Intellectual property information with comprehensive Cyber Security measures.

BI and Analytics

Through BI tools, analyse and represent humongous generated data into valuable reports, dashboards and figures. Utilise this valuable analysis to take better business decisions, exclude low priority and revenue proesses and focus on maximizing ROI.

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Why choose us?

LTS facilitates management, access, storage, sharing and analysing your organizational processes so you focus all energy, time and expertise on core functions of Life Sciences and Pharmacy.

  • Deep domain and technical knowledge.
  • Cost-effective solutions ensuring scalability and flexibility.
  • Over 15 years of expertise and global clientele.
For Consultation, Strategising and Development.

Experience numerous ways we could elevate business growth, reduce competition and strengthen network security.