Benchmarking Product Zenith: Free Code Quality Benchmarking

Standardized Code Quality Benchmarking for Improving Software Maintainability

By necessity, running a startup is like flying by the seat. Because the company is new, founders often have to make up things as they go along – with little opportunity to check and see how they’re doing.

Tech investing isn’t what it used to be – Investors are applying greater scrutiny to deals. There’s a reason VCs are calling for “a return to fundamentals” they don’t want to see newly minted unicorns shrivel into unicorpses.

How does your organization monitor development activity as programs are continuously created or changed? Is delivered quality decreasing due to time constraints or failure to address insufficient code? Do these problems increase required programming effort and software debt for your organization?

It is easy for developers to eliminate unit tests, reuse functions, or go against coding standards when time is limited and their organization wanted the new program or enhancement done last week. As developers strive to meet business needs, they create vulnerabilities or shell out poor quality in an effort to deliver a completed project faster. The result is missed defects, insufficient code, the creation of vulnerabilities, and more required effort after deployment or release. One missed vulnerability or defect is capable of:

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  • Causing Compliance Failure
  • Increasing System Downtime
  • Reducing Infrastructure Security
  • Increasing Maintenance Time and Costs
  • Breaking Other Infrastructure Components
  • Decreasing Developer Productivity
  • Heightening IT Expenses

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