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Ensuring that future upgradations can be effectively addressed.

In today’s time, SaaS has almost become a synonym to cloud computing and more and more ISV’s are moving to take advantage of this environment, which offers them a new dimension to expand their horizon. Leo TechnoSoft has been partnering with ISV’s for over two years and moving their products onto the SaaS Environment, with a fair share of success.

Success Stories

Leo TechnoSoft has immense expertise in Software Product Development and Architecture Design in Enterprise and Consumer environments. This expertise is largely owed to the management teams’ in-depth understanding of Software Product Lifecycle, Market and support. Leveraging this experience, the SaaS Product Engineering Lab at Leo TechnoSoft has successfully transitioned numerous enterprise and consumer level products to SaaS platform.


Leo TechnoSoft’s Technical Competency Centre engages with ISV’s in consulting and transitioning into multi-tenant SaaS architecture and Cloud platform. Our Technical Competency Center has transitioned products on Microsoft, Java and Open Source frameworks.

Carrying out successful SaaS Transition for its clients Leo TechnoSoft has come up with its own set of processes that not only help ISVs migrate to SaaS but provide them with a 360 degree view of the market place as well. This is beneficial as the product can cater to market needs prevalent at the time of its launch.


One of the most common practices that are followed within the outsourced product engineering industry is the Hybrid model, in which both the client and Leo TechnoSoft SaaS developer teams work in a mutually exclusive engagement.


The Onsite/Offshore model basically came into the picture as a result of maintenance projects that required constant interaction with the stakeholders of the applications/products at the client end. However, within outsourced Product Engineering this type of engagement is more suited for Transition projects.


Leveraging Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS expertise and “SaaS-TenantTM  organizations are sure to receive a measurable reduction in their development cost.

Leo TechnoSoft has so far been successful in releasing multi-tenant software products within the stipulated time and cost. In some cases, the reduction in the overall cost was well over 50%.


Leo TechnoSoft acknowledges the fact that any migration project requires the product to reach the market in the minimum time-frame in order to beat the competition.

Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS-Tenant TM reduces the development time by almost 30-40% since time has already been invested in developing modules that can be customized to fit the needs of the architecture.

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