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Being open-source, it is freely available for anyone to use and implement.

Django Development Consulting

Django is a flexible content management system that has been built around the Python programming language. LTS provides you solutions for your Django programming needs that can range from Django installation to Django custom website development. As per your requirements, our expert Django designers can not only develop new custom Django templates, but can also modify an existing template.

Benefits of Django :

  • Django makes it easy to add or modify all kinds of content, including images and multimedia.
  • Being an open source, Django is freely available for anyone to use and implement.
  • Django allows in-house management of all website content.
  • Django enables code visibility to all developers who might work on an existing Django project in future.
  • Django is a fast growing open source with great support structure.
  • As a system, Django is easy to work on. This benefits those with non-technical backgrounds.
  • Django can run on Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX server and AIX.
  • Django offers thousands of templates to choose from. This is helpful for making customizable web layouts. Hence, the look and feel of websites made on Django can be changed frequently.

Around the world, the use of Django is increasing, with regards to building simple websites. Django is also being used to build complex corporate applications. The best attribute about this solution is its simplicity and reliability.

Django Development :

Applying the best techniques and processes in Django development, LTS provides cost effective solutions to its clients. Django is an open source solution for a dynamic Content Management System (CMS). Our Django development team leverages their expertise and experience in Django to develop bespoke Django modules and integrates them with existing websites.

Django developer primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. Django developer emphasizes on reusability and “pluggability” of components.

Mobile app development company working on various platform organizations, they needs to develop, deploy and manage mobile apps which  are made from many.

Django Support :

We offer Django design support, editorial support, component and infrastructure support, as well as training. Our professional Django hosting services include Django installation and Django-optimized servers. We also offer Django support to solve various problems that include bug catching, trouble shooting and configuration. We also enable you to host your Django Open Source CMS on a cloud-based technology.

Django Migration :

Django website migration service offered by LTS is available at affordable and nominal rates. Django migration can transform your existing static website into a dynamic database driven website with a number of powerful features. Migration of an existing website to Django makes it a powerful yet affordable web application framework, giving you complete control over the website content.

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