Cloud computing is mounting at rapid rates far greater than any other wave of IT services and SaaS has been the driver for that growth. This conversion has forced many business organizations to change and build novel ways to deliver services in a cloud-centric multi tenant application.

Leo TechnoSoft’s zero-effort single instance multi-tenancy SaaS-Tenant enables a single instance of your application to serve thousands of tenants (external customers, partners, internal business units, branches, franchises, etc.) Software Multi-tenancy is defined as software architecture in which a single instance of software runs on a server and serves multiple tenants.

Ensuring technology acceleration, SaaS multi tenant application saves users from arduous task of building robust, scalable cloud solution and let them focus on their business logic. Multi-Tenant framework is the building block which gives users secure control over cloud solution along with complete privacy and ownership of their data. Together with our feature rich modules, SaaS multi tenant application gives you unparalleled capabilities in building, managing, monitoring and administering your cloud solution

Multi tenant SaaS application reduces development time, thus saving development costs. This hastens Time to Market, which brings overall revenue objectives into sight much sooner.

For our partner, SaaS-Tenant is the framework of choice for the considerations of multi-tenancy for a few reasons :

  • Multiple web tenants enable a multiple instances of your application to serve thousands of your vendors.
  • Single web tenant to serve thousands of your customers.
  • Multi-tenant data model designs added which become smart configurations with SaaS-Tenant.
  • Provide option from a single coupled database, specific database schema per web-tenant or an Isolated database per web-tenant.
  • Provide Multi-tenant modules for customer on demand.

Following are the features of SaaS Tenant:

  • Zero-Effort Multi-Tenancy
  • Tenant Activity Management
  • Load Distribution and High Availability
  • Tenant Lifecycle Management
  • Subscription Based Access and Usage
  • Usage metering
  • Access Control & Authorization
  • Billing System & Invoicing Management
  • Log Management
  • User & Licence Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Provisioning and Configuration
  • End-User Self Service Portals
  • Service Management and Configuration
  • Contextual Logging
  • Automated Support Desk
  • BI Reports
  • Custom Workflow
  • Web Services

Along with Multi-tenancy, SaaS Tenant has following advantages regarding IT acceleration:

  • Reduce Cost & time to build SaaS Application up to 60%
  • Robust and Standardized Architecture to increase Agility
  • Deliver Your SaaS Solution fast to market compare to your Competitors
  • Limitless Scalability and Low maintenance IT cost
  • Transit Existing .NET Web & Applications with 5-10% Source Code Changes
  • Secure SaaS based Web service to provide mobile extension
  • Effective Tenant Management and Administration to decrease customer support challenges.

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Cloud Based File Sharing Platform
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