Portal & Information Management

Leo TechnoSoft, the web development company in Chicago provides IT Services for information management, portal development, Business Intelligence, Reporting and AWS In Migration Cloud.

The Web Development Company in Chicago, Leo TechnoSoft specializes in portal based web 2.0 solutions that provide practical functionality and immense customization options to your site keeping your site dynamic and active.

Even non-technical users will be able to create, edit, manage, publish and distribute text, graphics, videos etc. We offer one stop solution for your Portal and Information Management with our exclusive service by leveraging DNN, Liferay, Django technology.

With technical expertise covering a range of IT Services and platforms, Leo TechnoSoft excels as a software development company as well as web development company globally. Although we are based in India, our web development operations are in Los Angeles.

As a web development company, Leo TechnoSoft offers PHP, Magento, Python, Javascript and more. Covering another dimension of IT industry as a software development company, Leo TechnoSoft offers development for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.


DotNetNuke (DNN)

The DotNetNuke (DNN) development team of Leo TechnoSoft is a leader in DNN development. Custom Module Development, DNN Skin and hosting services since the year 2003. Leo TechnoSoft's DNN team of more than 35 professionals has built several DotNetNuke (DNN) custom modules and Portals on Dotnetnuke framework for our diverse world-wide clientele from the finance, education, health care, manufacturing and retail sector.


The web development company Leo TechnoSoft offers full range of Liferay development and consulting services like themes and portlets development, portal customization etc. We have been actively developing enterprise portal software for clients for over 5 years, including Intranet and collaboration platforms.We have been actively developing enterprise portal software for our clients for over 5 years, including Intranet and collaboration platforms. We have integrated with enterprise application such as SAP, Alfresco, HR application etc.


Leo Technosoft provides you complete web development solutions for your Django programming needs – whether Django installation or Django custom website development. Our expert Django designers can either develop new custom Django templates or simply modify an existing template to suit your requirements.

Engagement model


Business Process Management

Business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business, and what differentiates it from the competition. We deliver operational efficiency, business visibility and agility to give our customers the edge by enabling them to conduct business in a low cost, dynamic way and to see change as an opportunity. 

Our web development process and software development process are systematic. They ensure bug-free as well as faster websites and softwares. In Los Angeles and Chicago, we are your one-stop solution for these services. Being among the top web development companies and software development companies in India, Leo TechnoSoft serves not only IT industry but also other industries that include retail, healthcare, manufacturing and education. 



Based on .Net and XML technologies, Our team of SharePoint developers offer their expertise to install, configure and deploy  intranet portals based on Microsoft SharePoint 2007. The SharePoint team has been working on a variety of document management, process enhancements and organizational intranet projects. Our dedicated team can also customize existing SharePoint sites and build solutions using SharePoint technology.


Leo Technosoft offers a full suite of Alfresco services. We provide Alfresco consultancy and support for Enterprise Content Management and web content management. Call us today, to develop solutions based on the very popular Alfresco platform known for its scalability, leveraging the power of the open source platform.

Open ERP

Leo TechnoSoft provides support for OpenERP across a variety of distributions and platforms. We have worked as a partner with our customers to implement their business processes and customise the system to meet the exact needs of their business.


Leo Technosoft’s SaaS CRM software, an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite powers the online marketing activity of any sized company. Leveraging a wide variety of web-based marketing functionality, our bespoke CRM solution takes sales organizations to a new level of marketing,sales & customer support activity.

Leo Technosoft, the web development company in Chicago offers special hosting services for customer relationship management with SugarCRM. We combine specific SugarCRM knowledge with profound hosting expertise for a true SugarCRM hosting solution!

Engagement model

The main principles of the BPM engagement model are

1. Accountability : Make managers accountable for the results (both quantitative as well as qualitative) of their processes.

2. Measure outcomes : Both the quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of the process, and compare the various units.

3. Enforce :The Executive has to enforce the accountability of the managers and not just the manager of a BPM unit. The latter, in most organization, is not “powerful” enough to force a difference in mentality and discipline.

4. Facilitate : The main task of the BPM unit. If the Executive enforces management of processes and their improvement, then the BPM unit can support the Business Managers.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

We offer excellent BI Consulting and BI Solution which helps the people in an organization take the accurate business decision without any hassles of huge data flowing around. read more...    

AWS In Migration Cloud

We manage your company's move into the cloud. We can advise you on the areas of your business that would benefit from the migration, give you a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved and then offer you the technical know-how and support to make sure the transition is a as seamless as possible. read more...  


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