Leo TechnoSoft helps IMMORTALIZE Your Loved Ones Through Social Media Application

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Project Name: Social Networking Platform

Leo TechnoSoft helps IMMORTALIZE Your Loved Ones Through Social Media Application

Business Situation

Humans bond through similar emotions and when someone passes away, there is an overwhelming emotional rollercoaster one experiences. It leaves a void in our lives. The heart-wrenching pain is inevitable and we struggle to keep them alive through various means. One such platform is Immortalize, which allows members to keep loved ones alive through memories and heartfelt content and share these remembrances among the online community.

Immortalize platform was an idea that would let people ‘immortalize’ a loved one. An idea that would help people connect with families, friends, mentors and influencers building a positive environment.  A solution that would successfully compress media and ensure compatibility with all devices was needed while keeping the application lightweight and robust among heavy media for optimum functionality and to minimise lag. Another major challenge was to provide communication ease, protect data from leakage and misuse thereby maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the shared content with mentors and influencers. Last but not the least, Immortalize to grow from idea into reality needed continuous 24*7 support for dynamic development and improvements.


• Laravel framework
• Angular JS


Acknowledging all these challenges, Leo TechnoSoft’s expert team strategically tackled one obstacle at a time creating a simple yet powerful mobile application.  The first step was to extend the team size to maintain ease and ensure systematic transformation of the idea.  To deal with media uploading, we automated video conversion to mp4 and image compression to standard size. This would ensure zero lag and efficient media sharing through the online community. We cleverly chose the most simple and the most suitable web application development programming language AngularJS with inbuilt template, data binding and other features for a standard platform and view. Another obvious choice, along with AngularJS, was to use the Laravel framework for its expressive coding syntax that ensured smooth project development. Our team of development experts fulfilled the 24*7 support requirement of Immortalize as it is a globally accessed social networking platform.


Ensuring global connectivity, social networking allows communication with friends and families irrespective of location and time. Building online communities, depending on various aspects, helps expand circles building stronger connections.

Bond with like-minded people and grow with various Virtual groups exchanging thoughts and resolving doubts, exchange skills like languages, share hobbies and connect through instant messaging in real time with maintaining transparency with no social or cultural barriers.

Providing a powerful advertising platform, social marketing is beyond forming communities and meeting new people. Professional portals like LinkedIn allow employment seeking and building professional connections, and more informal platforms we are well versed with like Instagram and Facebook.

Projecting a new business, meeting potential partners, strengthening connections; social networking offers an efficient way to provide higher visibility of the services and product, creating a knowledge based platform for potential consumers.

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