Enhanced Medical Remedies Through Multi-Tenant SaaS; OnCall on Board

Home Case Studies Enhanced Medical Remedies Through Multi-Tenant SaaS; OnCall on Board
Client Name: OnCall
Project Name: Schedule Management and Emergency Response System

Enhanced medical remedies through multi-tenant SaaS; OnCall on board

Business Situation

Many healthcare organizations have incorporated SaaS into their company structure. The main reason to use SaaS based applications in multi-tenancy environment is that they enable all clients and their users consume the service from the same technology platform, sharing all components in the technology stack including the data model, servers and database layers.

Our client OnCall intended to develop an application that includes features like Patient Management, Doctor Management, Staff Management, Leave Management, Auto Scheduler and Group Classification. However the most important feature was from mobile app that was developed to assist the hospital staff to locate and connect doctor in emergency situation by pushing a single button on their mobile devices.

The web application would include various modules to overcome the following challenges;

High Costs: Managing infrastructure and technology incurred high costs

Data synchronization: Difficulty establishing consistency among data from a source to target data storage and vice versa

Complexities of business process: Not only business process can be complex, migration from one platform to another platform can also be a complicated process with operations being paused.

Speed of change within business process: Sometimes, when a business process has to migrate from one platform to another, the speed of migrations as well as operations lowers. There was a need of a system where migration to another platform would not hamper the operations.

Customization: Many times, product or service that is available requires tailor-made solutions for a particular client. In such situations, customized solutions are needed.

User management: A multi-tenancy system was required to enable management of various user accounts on one single platform

Vendor management: Manage multiple vendors (healthcare businesses) in order to ensure long-term vendor relationship

Challenge regarding IT Governance: Need for formal IT governance tools.

Security: Need for a solution that would allow only authorized users access the SaaS service

Accessibility: Need for remote access over three different mobile devices and discretion regarding usage of data by different doctors accessing it. Hence, conditional and authorized access to data was required

Easy sharing: Solution was required to support resource sharing based on cloud computing

Error identification: Functionalities that could quickly catch errors and identify the causes of the errors were required

Monitoring: Solution needed to be efficient against system errors with enabled comprehensive logging and monitoring

Administration: Management of a huge database of patients, doctors, medical records and various important documents is not easy to administer. Hence, a solution was required to make it easy to manage the website

  • Client.side coding
  • Asp.net
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • SaaS Multi-tenancy Framework
  • SQL Server 2008


Leo TechnoSoft domain experts identified problems with the current structure and offered a comprehensive solution by building a web application. Using the technology of SaaS-Tenant to develop OnCall application, we created a platform that could cater to multiple clients simultaneously.

The solution offered cohesive cloud strategy with features;

BYOD Accessibility: Bring your own device and access the data on cloud as long as you are working on the concerned project

Simplified deployment: Easy deployment service to multiple clients

Easy support and maintenance: Easy detection of error and activation of maintenance by SaaS tenant framework

Scalability: Client business can be accommodated with future growth in the ever expanding cloud environment

Data security:  Enhanced data security safeguards client business from cyber attacks

API for expandability:  Various systems, modules and feature integration as required for functioning and synchronization of processes

Pay As You Go system of payment: Depending on number of clients, pay as you use the cloud resources

Backup and Data Recovery: 99% data recovery that has been backed up at multiple locations, in case of loss of data due to server crash

Multiple account management:  Create and manage multiple accounts, serving multiple businesses simultaneously

With features like admin login, shift schedule, doctors’ database, patients’ database and classification of doctors in groups, we created the OnCall application to provide comprehensive services to clients.

Focussing primarily on data security, our development team made sure that patient medical records be accessible only by specific doctors thus ensuring compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

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