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Customer Profile: HeroPay is a startup that helps merchants select the “payment processing” most suitable to their business. HeroPay is founded by Hiro Taylor and its based in California, USA.

Current Trends

Every day in the US, millions of merchants deliver expertise, products and customer care to their customers. The use of credit cards for personal as well as business purchases is common. It  ensures quick payment for customers and speedy deposit of payments, for merchants, while selling.

Business Situation

With online sales purchases and sales everywhere, there was a need for a platform to ensure the best deal for everyone.  HeroPay was created to be that platform. It ensures that the last mile of exchange between consumers and merchants would be the best possible fit for the latter’s business.


As per the requirement of client, Leo TechnoSoft developed Heropay web application that would serve not only a dealing platform, but also a networking platform for merchants and credit card providers.

When the merchant swipes a customer’s credit card in the EDC machine (card swiping machine), the merchant incurs cost of paying the company proving him the EDC machine a processing fee. This fee is called Total Processing Fee.

Heropay helps merchants see the available card processing services, compare the processing fee quoted by them and finally, decide which service is best for them.


  • Python (Backend)
  • Django (Framework)
  • Angular JS,HTML, CSS (Frontend)
  • L (For database)


  • Calculator:

Heropay has an online calculator for complicated calucaltions.

  • Online questions:

Questions can be asked online and Heropay Team answers them.

  • E-Commerce gateways:

More E-Commerce gateways are available.

  • EVM Acceptance:

Heropay helps you with EVM Migration.

  • Filter:

During search for credit card service providers, results can be filtered on the basis of rating.

  • Facebook share:

Merchants can easily share their experience of using Heropay on Facebook.

  • Helpful video:

Video on the website is available to guide first time users.


  • Easy fee comparison:

Merchants can easily compare the rates of card processing services.

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