Travel & Tourism

Across the globe, travel & tourism industry is undergoing dramatic changes and simultaneously facing new challenges like constantly growing influence of social media on guests and rapidly changing guest demographics. Moreover, in an extremely multifaceted and competitive environment, companies need to accomplish greater customer retention, advocacy and loyalty— which together translates into enhanced financial results. They are required to deliver personalized experience at every point to their customers.
Companies with right strategy and information technology in place easily navigate all the barriers in between successfully and take their business to the next level. All the companies are competing to draw and retain guests by numerous channels like social media, websites, guest living rooms and mobile. At the end of the day, what guests look for is the assurance that they actually get what they see on these channels and most importantly finds the quality of service fulfilling and enriching.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Attaining sustainability : Nowadays, in order to stay above the rest, travel and tourism companies need to incorporate the mantra of 'Go green, stay green' in their strategy as it is rapidly becoming part of every domain and affecting compliance and profitability. Travel companies need to look beyond their prevalent resources to manage and track sustainability data along with integrated solutions, which help in improving the bottom line.
  • Exploiting social media : In today's digital day-and-age, it is utmost important to become part of customers’ lifestyle, as it an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ market. If the companies attain a pervasive presence online, numerous doors can get opened to increase revenues at the same time protecting brand reputation.
  • Improving operations with mobility : With advancement in technology and the widespread usage of tablets and smartphones, customers expect to have everything at the tip of their fingertips. They expect to book their tickets, hotel rooms, dinner reservations, etc. from their portable devices. This makes it essential for travel & tourism companies to deliver all the said services with mobility solutions, which would in turn enable greater reach as well as would hold increased potential to better employee efficiency.

Our Expertise

We, at Leo Technosoft, help travel & tourism clients by reforming their technology structure to deliver distinguished customer experiences by providing more with less. Our solutions are well-positioned to put companies on the road to transformation. We leverage our strong alliances with leading enterprise platform vendors and software vendors to develop best-of-class solutions for the travel & tourism industry.
We provide assessable business value by addressing challenges in the following ways:-

  • Transforming Business : We help companies evolve themselves by providing knowledge-driven approach to – attract the next-generation clients who are socially and digitally well connected, help them expand in new geographies and follow sustainable business practices. We deliver solutions in sustainability, mobility and social commerce transformation, which are effected via improvement of existing business systems and technology rationalization.
  • Inducing Innovation : We partner with clients to deal with evolving business and user requirements. We amalgamate our experience in solving business problems across varied industries and knowledge in cutting-edge technologies to enable quick adoption of latest technologies with reduced risk. This enables our clients to seamlessly incorporate these new technologies and deliver personalized experiences to the guests.
  • Efficient Operations : We focus on optimization by concentrating on — infrastructure, sustainability and resources. We minimize downtime and enable lean IT environments by delivering solutions with our expertise in infrastructure services, systems integration and cloud computing. Our sustainability solutions help companies alter the way they view their building operations, emissions and water and energy usage. In addition, we help companies to deploy back office platforms that are centralized, so they can develop self-service capabilities as well as manage their manpower to optimize resource allocation.

Our Solutions

  • Enterprise mobility platform
  • Development of multi-supplier integration (hosts/non-hosts), trip planner and Internet booking engine, white labeling solutions and enhancing customer experience.
  • Strategic IT cost reduction framework.
  • Development and configuration of corporate travel platforms.
  • Development of feature-rich agency desktops.
  • Internationalization, click stream analytics, sales and customer analytics

Our Services

  • SaaS Consulting
    • Market Analysis & Feasibility Study
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Maintenance Support
  • SaaS Development
    • - Product Specification Blue Print
    • - Technical Architecture Design
    • - Product Development & Testing
  • Cloud Management
    • Cloud Infrastructure Management
    • Virtualization and Back Up
    • Transition to cloud
    • SIEM
  • Infrastructure Management Services
    • Server, Email, Database Management services
  • Our Extended Services
    • Mobile App Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    • SharePoint Work Flow systems, Document Management System
    • OpenERP and ERP implementation and customization services

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