Training Management System (TMS)

TLeo TechnoSoft Training Management System enables you drive effective employee training tracking and completion. This empowers you to schedule and report on training with the click of a button.

Centralizing your organization’s training data

It is easy to access, maintain and manage all of your training metrics in a singular location. Leo TechnoSoft‘s training database software allows you to do all this in real-time from a secure web-based platform.

Streamlining training set-up, scheduling and assignment

You can easily set up an unlimited number of user groups on the basis of job titles, roles, departments, facilities or locations. It is easy to schedule and assign training requirements to these groups.

Effective training tracking and completion

It is easy to keep training requirements on track and drive their completion with automated email reminders. These reminders are sent to employees and their supervisors for upcoming and overdue training.

Complete visibility into training performance

With Leo TechnoSoft‘s Training Management System, you can improve the training tracking program with real-time insights. A comprehensive management dashboard displays reports and scorecards within one easy view. Glancing at these scorecards, you can see the progress regarding the training performance metrics of your employees.

Reduce training costs

You can eliminate the wastage of time, resources and money lost through inefficiencies in managing your organization’s employee training program through spreadsheets, paper, or other systems.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Leo TechnoSoft‘s Training Management System also helps you to avoid compliance related penalties and fines, exceed training management requirements for standards. It also ensures 100% audit preparedness.

The key features of Training Management System are as follows:

  • Reports & dashboards
  • Task Management
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Configurable forms
  • Exceptional data security
  • Client community
  • Support & learning portal

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