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Software as a Service (SaaS) applications serve the purpose of solving various problems concerning enterprise-level access control, audit and accountability. Protection of enterprise intellectual property and confidential information is a necessity that has extended to the cloud applications.

To protect everything in digital data, a long list of passwords along with cloud servers is required. A sensible person can never take the risk of keeping his IT assets and digital data at one place (server). Different cloud servers are required for the classification and safe-keeping of digital data. Keeping all digital data at one place spells the theft for complete data with one hack.

Remembering different passwords for different cloud servers will always be a tedious task. Ease to accomplish this is facilitated by Single Sign On (SSO). Single Sign On is an attribute of access control of several related, yet independent software systems

SSO provides audit as well as access control for virtually any SaaS application or SaaS platform, irrespective of location public or private clouds. SaaS SSO also eliminates redundant administrative work. It prevents unauthorized access and ensures secure authentication by automating Internet user account management. SaaS SSO works seamlessly with any Web SSO infrastructure that you may be using because it is adaptable.

Being adaptable, SaaS SSO supports applications like Google Apps, Workday, Salesforce, Concur, SuccessFactors, among others.

The advantages of SaaS Single Sign On are as follows:

Connection without customization or configuration:

SaaS SSO ensures that your ownership over your security credentials. There would never be any need to replicate the credentials in the cloud. At the same time, SaaS Single Sign On provides the option to maintain the directory in the cloud as per your business requirement. It uses industry-standard protocols to connect to your existing directory in order to leverage your existing authentication mechanisms. Hence, you would not need redundant directory entries in the cloud or to support new authentication methods.

Audit and Reporting:

SaaS SSO provides you with granular and extensive audit as well as reporting capabilities that would meet any operational, legal, or compliance requirements.

Tried and Tested Technology:

SaaS SSO is used in various government agencies as well as large organizations. It supports millions of users. SaaS SSO has been designed for cloud as a multi-tenant. Hence, it provides high performance and scalable system on the latest web services technologies and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The users will not need to install any agents. SaaS SSO also ensures minimal costs regarding hardware, software or administration for users.

Features of SaaS SSO

  • Flexible deployment option with public cloud, private cloud or hybrid model
  • Simple security management model can be integrated with any existing Web SSO as well as identity management infrastructure.
  • 24/7 availability throughout 365 days of the year.

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