A momentous portion of information security efforts focus on monitoring and analyzing data about events on networks, servers and other devices. Advances in big data analytics are now applied to security monitoring to enable both broader and more in-depth analysis. For Leo TechnoSoft’s Intelligence Driven SOC, big data security analytics and analysis is an extension of security information and event management (SIEM), CASB, PIM and related technologies. The quantitative difference in the volumes and types of data analyzed result in qualitative differences in the types of information extracted from security devices and applications and hence a resulting qualitative difference in the possible alerts/alarms.

Leo TechnoSoft’s Intelligence Driven SOC’s big data security analytics is designed to collect, integrate and analyze large volumes of data in near real time, which requires several additional capabilities like User Context Correlation, Security Control Visibilities like IFC, FISMA , ISO and discovering Patterns between Devices, Identity, Data and Context together.

Five key features distinguish big data security analytics from other information security domains.




Scalability and User Context Correlation


One of the key distinguishing features of Leo TechnoSoft's Intelligence Driven SOC Security Analytic is scalability. The platforms have the ability to collect data in real or near real time. Network traffic is a continual stream of packets that can be analyzed as fast as they are a captured. In Cyber security analytics, the analysis tool doesn’t depend on a lull in network traffic to catch up on a backlog of packets to be analyzed.The analysis provides the ability to correlate events across time and space, which means the stream of events logged by one device, such as a Web server, may be highly significant with respect to events on an end-user device a short time later.


Reporting and visualization: Security & Compliance


Another essential function of Leo TechnoSoft's Intelligence Driven SOC Security Analytic is reporting and support for analysis.Security professionals have on demand reporting to support operations and compliances dashboards. They also have access to dashboards with preconfigured security indicators to provide high-level overviews of key performance measures/indicators.Visualization presents information derived from big data sources in ways that can be readily and rapidly identified by security analysts, enhancing cyber security. Leo TechnoSoft's Intelligence Driven SOC security analytics use visualization techniques to help analysts understand complex relationships in linked data across a wide range of entities, such as websites, users and HTTP transactions.


Information context


Since security events generate so much data, there is a risk of overwhelming analysts and other infosec professionals and limiting their ability to discern key events. Leo TechnoSoft's Intelligence Driven SOC Security Analytic frames data in the context of users, devices and events.

Data without this kind of context is far less useful, and can lead to higher than necessary false positives. Contextual information improves the quality of behavioral analysis and anomaly detection. Contextual include somewhat static information, such as the fact that a particular employee works in a specific department. It also includes more productive information, such as typical usage patterns that can be subject to change over time.



User Activity Visibility: The Weak Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security

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