SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Leo Technosoft’s SaaS CRM software, an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite powers the online marketing activity of any sized company. Leveraging a wide variety of web-based marketing functionality, our bespoke CRM solution takes sales organizations to a new level of digital marketing activity.

In order to maximize revenue and ensure continued business growth, it is necessary not only to obtain new customers but also to retain and effectively handle existing customers.

Our SaaS CRM software has the following features

  • Automatic capture and storage of phone enquiries.
  • Automatic call back and mailing facility eliminating human error.
  • Storage of customer order history and pricing for marketing and sales records.

Within our SaaS CRM tool we have integrated an Email Marketing System that has templates for promotional material in the form of emails and specifically tailored product information targeted at converting hesitant, unsure customers into closed deals. All communication threads with customers can be added to the customer records.

Our job does not end with the installation of a customized CRM tool specific to your needs. We give you ‘hands-on’ training on the specific use of the tool and how to leverage its subtle strengths to steal a march over the competitor. We also help companies add newer capabilities into their CRM tool, for instance in the areas of marketing and services.

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