Ruby on Rails is an open source framework that follows the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern.

ROR is used in tandem with agile development methodology for rapid application development. This proposition makes highly manageable web applications by dividing it into several layers.

ROR services are customized to leverage the business offerings with compelling content delivery, user interaction, and collaboration. The way Symfony and Zend are written in PHP and Python is written in Django, Rails is written in Ruby programming language. It is an elegant and terse language.

ROR Benefits :

  • Speed :
  • The process of programming is much faster than with other frameworks and languages. This is due to the object-oriented nature of Ruby and the vast collection of open source code available within the Rails community. Rails is good for Rapid Application Development (RAD), as the framework makes it easy to accommodate changes.

  • Advanced Search :
  • ROR has supports advanced search features like elastic search and redis search.

  • Database feature :
  • ROR development offers Mongo Database.

  • East to switch between projects :
  • The Rails conventions make it easy for developers to move between different Rails projects. This is because each project will tend to follow the same structure and coding practices.

  • Better productivity :
  • Ruby code is readable and mostly self-documenting. The self documenting feature increases productivity, as there is less need to write out separate documentation, making it easier for other developers to pick up existing projects.

  • Test-driven development :
  • ROR developers have developed Rails with a strong focus on testing. It has good testing frameworks.

  • No licensing costs :
  • Rails and most of its libraries are open source. Hence, there are no licensing costs involved.

ROR Services offered by Leo Techno Soft:

  • Custom web portals and community sites
  • Customized enterprise applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Support, maintenance & migration of ROR platforms
  • E-commerce & Web 2.0 applications
  • Testing (Unit, Functional, Integration and Performance)
  • Hosting (Heroku, Linode, Rackspace and Amazon)
  • Responsive design using Twitter bootstrap
  • Application specific APIs
  • Social Networking
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

For further enquiries drop in a mail to or call us at 407-965-5509.

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