Retail business is exceedingly affected by the rapid changing scenario of the market and is in turn in utmost need to acquire latest IT technologies. Retail customers nowadays have become dynamic and their shopping patterns aren’t linear anymore. Customers look for personal experience while they shop and they expect to interact with the retailers to know and experience their products at a closer level. With tablets, smartphones and PCs available at arm’s length, customers find it really easy to connect to the retailers at any place at any time. This continuous change in customer behavior and expectations, predominately affects both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) associations, which has strategic significances for driving growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Retail Mobility : Nowadays, 70% of consumers worldwide use mobile devices for shopping, comparing and transacting on the Internet or in retail stores. Consumers use their mobile devices to consult friends and family about their purchase and this is where the retailers get an opportunity to create an impact on the customers.
  • Multi-way retailing: As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”, so it’s better to always be in consumers’ sight, in every way possible. Customers, who search online, mostly shop in-stores, once they are convinced about the product. So, it’s all the more essential to stay updated on all the channels, where the customer might get information from — website, catalogue and the retail store. They all must be tightly monitored and aligned for maximal impact and thus, sales.
  • Digital customers : Customers today have access to all sorts of information at a click – from pricing, product assortment and quality. In this scenario, companies need to reach out across digital channels — interactive TVs, mobiles and social communities. In-store technology like digital signages and smart kiosks also has immense impact in influencing shopping behavior. Moreover, as the traditional media is failing to deliver the desired impact, it is logical to master social channels and ‘group’ coupons, besides search ads and email, which rounds out the retail strategy to make the most of today's convergence of opportunities.

Our Expertise

Retailers find it a bit taxing to keep up with the dynamic needs of the consumers. Thus, to extract maximum value out of their business, they have to do in-depth analysis of their customers’ requirements rapidly and accurately. For that, their business design must have divergent strategy, collaborative excellence and green intelligence, which primarily focuses on price, potential and performance. By doing so, retailers would be able to anticipate demand patterns, in addition to engaging, converting and retaining customers at home and in-store.
Leo TechnoSoft empowers retail companies by planning, implementing and managing their complete IT setting. Our innovatory solutions throughout the value chain and flexible business designs deliver long-standing value to our customers.
We provide assessable business value by addressing challenges in the following ways:-

  • Transforming Business : Besides having expertise in infrastructure modernization and package implementation, we help retail companies to transform their customer experience and supply chain systems with our innovative solutions.
  • Inducing Innovation : Retailers have redefined their customer-centricity and made their digital commerce more effective with leading-edge Leo TechnoSoft solutions. We also provide solutions that help retailers to gain deeper insight into customer behavior — what they’re browsing, what they’re buying, and what they’re ignoring.
  • Efficient Operations : We help improve efficiency in companies by its competencies in reducing interdependencies, bettering supply chain efficiencies and improving account maintenance.

Our Solutions

We have extensive technology, industry and delivery capacities and our services and solutions deal with strategic and functioning challenges, which reduce cost, optimize business performance, improve margins, adjust technology with business priorities and invariably sharpen competitive advantage. Our solutions act as accelerators that increases ROI and reduces the time-to-value of your commerce and IT plans.
Besides rendering end-to-end IT services, our services and solutions cover numerous domains which we provide with customized strategies and expert teams in the fields of:

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Business Intelligencet
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • High End Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Operations Workflow
  • customization
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Merchandise Optimization
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Master Data Management
  • Multi-Channel Commerce
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Our Services

  • Packaged Application Services
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Retail Testing and Validation Practice
  • SaaS Consulting
    • Market Analysis & Feasibility Study
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Maintenance Support
  • Cloud Services
    • Transition to cloud
    • SIEM
    • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Our Extended Services
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Digital Marketing

Case Study
Book Distribution House
Warehouse Management System
Forecasting System
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